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  1.  The GREATEST game of all time (Well... so far)


    Firstly the game has a fantastic campaign which can be played single player, local 2 player split screen co-op or online 2 player co-op. There are 4 diffficulty levels available to choose, from casual for beginners, up to Insane for the more experienced and you can select these individually which is great for 2 gamers of different skill levels. With a gripping storyline and excellent characters, the campaign will keep you engaged for hours! Apart from that you have the online multi-player mode which can also be played local split-screen by 2 people (even if the 2nd player doesn't have a Xbox live Gold account!). There are plenty of different games to choose from with plenty of different maps aswell.
    All in all the game is outstanding and there is LOADS of reply value with the online side of things.
    With this "Game Of The Year Edition" having the extra campaign level and 3 extra map packs already included, this is well worth it if you can get it for a decent price to save paying extra to download these online Xbox live.

  2.  One of the most enjoyable games I've ever played.


    Uncharted : Drakes Fortune is a stunning game throughout. The graphics, storyline and gameplay are all fantastic.
    There is a good variety of levels to keep you entertained for hours and the game is incredibly addictive.
    It's not the longest or most challenging game ever but is certainly one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. I was truly sad but totally fulfilled when completing it.
    If you like adventure games then I can't imagine you not liking this game. As mentioned in a previous review, it is a mixture of Tomb Raider exploring with Gears of War shooting/combat.

    An absolute gem of game that every PS3 gamer should make time for!