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  1.  aint no stopping us..no one does it better.


    1984 classic.. got this region 1 version along with breakin 2 for less than ten euro each earlier in the year.. these should and need to be released on region2.. the prices are a rip off at the moment. cheesy 80s acting,but a brill soundtrack to boot. buy the both...

  2.  get the point..


    I wanted to see this since i watched the trailer.. It didnt dissapoint me.. Yes its filmed in 8 different character points of view..each one building to the final point of the film when it all comes together..thats the whole point.. Hence the title.. The acting is superb and just shows the skills of the actors.. Dennis quaid is one of them stars who really is a real guy whoever he portrays.. Some parts are a bit o.t.t, but its a thrilling ride to piece the film together as you get sucked in. Now everyone is entitled to an opinion,and this happens to be mine. The film is original and different.. Basic plot is the president gets shot,and then it follows 8 different characters,filmed with the same story,but each segment filmed with a different twist.. Buy this if it sounds the kind of film you could watch.. Its gripping,slick and explosive.

  3.  demonic horror.


    Lamberto bava presents "demons". One of the most terrifying horrors for years.. Although not very well known,this film does exactly what it says on the tin. Full of gore and demonic monsters,this is a great masterpiece. This film is dubbed so dont expect some high hollywood blockbuster here. The acting is very cheesy (it is the 80s) and a little dated..but its great horror fun. The sequel "demons 2" is just as good if not better. Buy this and and prepare to be sick. Their tombs will be our cities..

  4.  halloween reinvented


    Rob zombies new vision of john carpenters classic- " Halloween" not so much a remake,but of a reinvention. this version starts off with a young michael myers and his ability to go from a normal troublesome boy,to the terrifying monster that becomes unleashed in him. after he brutally murders his family and a few other people,michael is sent to a an asylem where he is the subject for a psycologist to figure out why he killed so many.. as the years progress,michael becomes more and more of a recluse,refusing to talk and hiding behind many masks that he makes while locked up. after many years he escapes and goes in search of his sister.. leaving a trail of destruction in his quest. rob zombie breathes new life into one of horrors most famous killers and the results are excellent and shocking. this is one of the most frightning stabathons of recent years.

  5.  take the risk


    I picked this double disc set up from local dvd shop for 5euro,and thought may as well pick it up.. Basic instinct 1 is a great masterpiece of a film.. One of michael douglases best films i personally think. Sharon stone looks amazing,if not a bit dated now.(well it was 1992). Douglas plays nick curran a san francisco cop investigating the murder of a has been rockstar and made a few discoveries..an ice pick to name a few. As nick gets further into the case he becomes involved with three women each one with a motive to being the killer he is looking for. One of them happens to be a novalist named catherine tramell..whose fictional storys have a habit of coming true.. Can nick catch the killer before he becomes one of the victims himself.. Basic intinct 2..the panned sequel released in 2007 is not a patch on the first but still entertaining in its own right.. Reprising her role sharron stone plays catherine tramell. Set in london,a respected psychiatrist dr michael glass is asked by the police to analyse tramell who has been linked to the death of a sports star. However the attraction beyween glass and tramell gets out of hand and glass is sucked into her web of lies,deceite and suduction. As more people are murdered around him a deadly battle of wits begins.. However things aint what they appear until the the end is near. This sequel is fairly gripping i thought and you do get used to seeing stone as a more mature sexual woman.. At first though it was like looking at an old mutton dressed as lamb,but by the end she ends up looking strangely attractive in bits. Overall a good collection to own. Take a risk..it becomes a habit.

  6.  cloverfield


    This film had me on the edge of the couch and then sitting right back.. Shot on a home video camera throughout to give it an unusual real life feel,this film will make you feel slightly sick with all the motion.. You do get used to it however after the first 10mins..20 mins in and the film just explodes with what can only be described as utter chaos.. What first seems like an attack on new york by terrorists turns out to be something complety different. An attack by a monster which you only get to see in quick glimpses seen through the video camera. As the city desends into chaos,a group of 4 people set off to escape and get to a part of the city so the lead guy can get to a girl to tell her he loves her.. Typical hollywood script that the characters will always put themselves in more danger instead of just getting the hell out of there..so anyway they go in search and along the way get into more danger and perils. The only thing that was bugging me throughout was i was thinking why dosnt the guy just put the camera down.. I mean if there were buildings been blown up and monsters rampaging through would you really still be filming.. Unrealistic.. I think this film would have been better filmed normally,because the mood of the whole film could have been captured just as good. The ending was very abrupt and left me wanting answers like what was the monster,where did it come from,and why was it only new york attacked again.. Overall it was entertaining and gripping and def worth a watch. The tagline for the film was "something has found us" only problem about that is "what" we dont know exactly what that something was.

  7.  10,000 bc= bad cast


    I had high hopes for this despite all the bad press it got.. It was a litte disappointing to say the least.. First of all i know its not set in prehistoric era,but why was everyones basic english language so clear and well spoken..its meant to be 10,000 bc..second it was a cross between mel gibsons "apocalypto" and some soppy love story.. All it was about was some guy who wanted to save his girl who has been captured.. The film did have great special effects and action sequences,but it just lacked any depth. Roland emmerich obviously had a vision of the way things were in that era,but i just dont think any normal person would have the same idea. The cast is dull and no stars graced this film to give it a "blockbuster" tag. I was hoping to have seen more of the sabre tooth tiger..eg some kind of battle,but it was only in two scenes and neither of them involved any action. Overall this film isnt bad,and its ok to watch on a lazy day,but dont expect much. One man. One army. One battle.

  8.  what a corker..


    Paul giamatti is the man.. Sideways is the film.. This is an amazing piece of work.. Giamatti plays miles and thomas haden church plays jack.. Two thirty something mature wine tasters on a road trip of the californian central coast.. As tensions mount and women flow the two mismatched friends soon find themselves drowning in the ups and downs of the trip and realising what friendships are made of. Enjoyable to watch over and over this wont split your sides with crude and vulgar comedy,but it will uplift you in a way no other film will for a very long time. In search of wine.in search of women. In search of themselves.. Sideways.. Instant vintage.

  9.  wild boys are calling..


    Duran durans return full line up album from 2004 is a fine return to form from the old days.. Simon le bons voice is still superb,and the rest of the lads in fine form.. First released single- "reach up for the sunrise" is a catchy upbeat dancy track.. Other tracks that stand out are "finest hour", "want you more" and "what happens tomorrow".. The song "bedroom toys" should have been left off or replaced with unincluded track "beautiful colors" originally sang on the 2004 reunion tour.. Including bonus 45min dvd of the same said tour filmed in london,this album is very entertaining to put on your stereo..

  10.  perfect sounds..


    Keanes 3rd album is an amazing change in direction but at the same time keeping that keane kind of sound still.. I loved "under the iron sea" from couple of years ago,and have been eagerly awaiting this all year.. Well its here and with its duran,80s feel inspired it fits perfectly in todays modern sound.. New single "the lovers are losing" is one of the catchiest tunes so far this year.. Other great tracks " you havnt told me anything" and the superb " you dont see me". Pity the bonus content dosnt work outside the uk so i hope the record company will sort this out. This album is perfect so whether you buy it off play,or from a cheaper supermarket chain,its worth it..