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  1.  Monumental!


    This is an incredible game which must be played by everyone. I would even recommend buying a PS3 just to play it.

    The graphics are amazingly jaw-dropping (as is the soundtrack) and the gameplay is fantastically tuned. However, the best thing about this game are the characters which is why I play the Uncharted games.

    This one has so many incredible set-pieces that the second game can't even compare to it. There is a ship segment of the game which will have you absolutely amazed as will the airplane segment (I do not want to spoil anything just know it is incredible)

    Overall, this is an incredible achievement by Naught Dog and should be enjoyed by everyone. This is by far the best franchise this generation. Each of the games brings something different and I love every single one of them!

  2.  Must-play and a grandiose effort!


    This collection has 2 of the best games to come out on the PS2.

    ICO is an amazing game containing quiet and somewhat disturbing although very lush environments which gives an eerie atmosphere to the whole game. The bond between the 2 characters is very wonderful and helps give you a reason to complete the game. The graphics have been updated wonderfully and do a great job to allow you to play this game on your PS3. All-in -all this first game is a masterpiece that can't be missed despite it being very simplistic in its mechanics.

    Moving on to the next game. Whereas ICO relies solely on its atmosphere and narrative to help you enjoy the game, Shadow of the Colossus relies on its amazing gameplay as well as the wonderful environment to keep you engaged. Killing the 16 Colossi will give you a wonderful sense of achievement and will keep you coming back to it more than once. If you thought Ico was good, then you are in for a massive surprise as Shadow of the Colossus is a much, much better game which gives you an even stronger reason than Ico to complete the game. The bond you establish with your horse is also immense and helps give the game that special something which is missing in many games from this generation. The graphics for this game have also been updated brilliantly yet again and makes this game more playable than it already was.

    Overall, this whole collection deserves your attention because you are getting 2 classics for a very good price. Yes they are PS2 games but are very unique in their own right and deserve to be played by everyone, especially the second game, though I do recommend playing Ico first to see how the game developer evolved over time.

  3.  Very disappointing and repetitive!


    This game was bought 4 years ago, when it came out, and is still one of the biggest disappointments to come out on ps3. The game is utterly repetitive and requires you to kill a marked person in every level and, whilst this seems engaging, the nature of the game simply just revolves around killing a person and then moving on to the next target.

    The repetitive nature of the game hinders it but it still is engaging to traverse the city. The city is amazingly detailed and full of wonderful things to see (especially considering the graphics are simply stunning). However, there is very little to do in the game as a whole and this takes detracts from the experience.

    Additionally, the worst feature of the game is that the whole city isn't open for you to explore unless you climb a marked building in a few areas of the game in order to open up the city. This is frustrating because the game doesn't do a good job of guiding you or telling you which exact buildings you need to climb to complete the task.

    Overall, whilst the game has decent gameplay (I love the wonderful climbing mechanics) it is hindered by a few odd design choices (climbing stupid towers ehhmmmm....) and a lack of tasks to do. If you want a similar but better experience, play Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood which are far superior games (especially the 2nd game).

  4.  Avoid! waste of money. even at £3


    Worst piece of junk I ever bought. If you want to work out your abs you have to do it the hard way: exercise!!!!! but this will not do it for you; i have tried.

  5.  Absolutely Incredible and Monumental series


    This Series hasnt got the acclaim it deserves in the UK but it should not be underestimated.

    It is a wonderful and monumental landmark in Television. You absoultely cannot miss it.

    Series 2 is wonderful and exquisite but the show gets better and better after each series. You have to watch the show until the end. The Ending of season 4 has one of the best moments i've seen in any show and also better than most movies.

    Simply mesmerizing!

  6.  Absolutely impeccable


    This is hands down the best show I have ever seen! Prison break was good but this is beyond words.

    The main character is amazing in the role and the other actors are amazing.

    You simply have to see this.

  7.  Excellent!!!!


    Perfect little thing. fully packed and still works a treat. why dont they make 2 terrabyte of these things

  8.  One of the best survival horror games of all time.


    This is truly a masterpiece of a game and has improved upon the first game in every single way possible.

    Let me get this out of the way; I am not a big fan of horror games but the first game in this series left me wanting more. After playing Dead Space 2 I find it hard to describe why, despite the game scaring the living daylights out me, I still hunger for that jolt of terror when an enemy appears out of nowhere.

    The story in the game is exceptional and focuses on our main character's mental insecurities which is particularly interesting. The distinction between what is real and what is a dream is very distorted and leads to even more scares than in the first game.

    Gameplay-wise this game plays in same way as the first game and other games such as resident evil 4. You have an over-the-shoulder view and aim the gun with a laser pin-pointer. This set-up is very simple and takes little-to-no-time to get to grips with. Moreover, I should say that the health bar and bullet quantities are all displayed in real-time which is pretty cool. For example, Isaac's health is displayed on his suit, so you are never unaware of when your health needs replenishing. Additionally, the fact that the camera is very close to isaac allows the game to give you that creepy sense of claustrophobia which is very welcoming.

    The graphics and sound design are also terrific and the improvements upon the first game aren't particularly drastic but are very welcome. The game has been polished considerably since the first game and sound design and soundtrack is as excellent as ever.

    In terms of survival horror games this is right up there with the best. In terms of other PS3 games this is one of the best and should be bought by everyone old enough to play it. The game, personally is only second to Resident Evil 4 (which is another survival horror game which I love and can make an exception to in regards to me not liking survival horror games) in my all-time list of best horror games.

    Buy it LOVE IT enjoy it!!!

  9.  Excellent collection with 2 classic games!


    This collection is wonderful and is one of the best classic HD collections on the PS3.

    The first game is an amazing game and I have played through it 4 times already. It is a timeless classic and reminds me of Aladdin.
    This game must be played and enjoyed as it is by far the best game in the collection. The graphics are also great and the story is engaging and compelling.

    Having never played the second game when buying this collection I had high hopes. However, the reason I knocked a star off the rating is because Warrior Within is by far the worst game I have played. It ditches the wonderful setting of the first game and moves it to a dark, disturbing and lifeless underworld. The game has no emotion and is a disaster by all accounts. The prince is unlikeable in this game and the whole world in this game is a total disaster. However, the worst thing is that when I got to the end of the game (which was torture) the game contained a glitch right before the end boss which meant that the whole game had to be restarted. There is no solution for this problem apparently.

    On the other hand, Two Thrones, the 3rd game is a return to the brilliance of the first game. It is an engaging, well-thought game and will keep you entertained. The dark prince is a great addition and has some wonderful moves. The story is also brilliant. However, it must be said that the game doesn't reach the heights of the first game. But do not be fooled, this is a gorgeous game with wonderful gameplay and graphics.

    One final mention should be made to the audio in all three games. The audio in sands of time is amazing but there is a problem because the ps3 version has a lot of freezing in the audio and just doesn't sound right (characters speak as if they are in the bathroom). THis is a minor quibble but should be mentioned. Warrior within has alot of rock music which is disastrous but Two Thrones returns to the old classic music.

    All in all, this is a brilliant collection, but I would recommend that you do not play the second game and skip straight to the third game. The second game really has no place in the sands of time timeline. (but to understand the story of Warrior within visit youtube or wikipedia to have a quick read through it as it is useful to know before playing Two Thrones).

    Buy this!!!

  10.  Surprisingly amazing!


    I played this game not expecting much due to the okayish reviews which it had received. However the game is classic platforming at its best. It must be said that the game has outstanding visuals and, in my opinion, is just bettered by the sands of time game which is a classic.

    However, do not be mistaken this, I am sure, will grow to be a cult classic due to its wonderful story and gameplay.

    For 10 pounds it is a steal!

    Only downside is that the swordfighting is a bit simple but, for me, it had the best fighting system I have seen in a prince of persia game.

    Buy it, Love it!