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  1.  Disappointing!


    I had high hopes for this game! The concept is original, a LAPD cop working his way up the ladder whilst solving crimes. However, it's just all the same! Every case works in the same way... visit the scene of crime, find some clues, interrogate some people, make an arrest. This game plays as a story, no matter what you do you end up in the same place with the same conclusions, so there's definitely no replay value.

  2.  A lot like Fallout 3... but that's not a bad thing!


    I loved Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas doesn't disappoint either! Yes, this game is extremely alike Fallout 3 but in my opinion that's not a bad thing! There's still a huge selection of weapons, and the VATS combat system is still very fun. A lot of the enemies are the same as in Fallout 3 too.

    The storyline is fantastic and the gameplay is so flexible. My only compaint is that it does freeze now and then, so so frequent saving is important.

    I would certainly recommend this game to anyone! You can make the story last as long or as short as you like as there are so many side quests to make your way through.

  3.  Fantastic game!


    I just finished playing the main story of this game yesterday and I have to say this game is fantastic! The story is good, the graphics are amazing and there's so much to do. I like to just ride around hunting bears, wolves and buffalo. I would highly recommend this game to anyone.

  4.  100% better than the first


    I loved the first Assassin's Creed, the repetition didn't bother me and the graphics were awe-inspiring. Assassin's Creed II brings it to a whole new level. I could still see how some people might argue that it is repetitive, but so much less so than the first game.

    The combat is a lot more advanced and hence a lot more fun. There are loads of side missions and extra collectables which aren't essential to the game, but fun to collect nonetheless.

    Some of this game, to me, had a slight Tomb Raider essence about it, not a bad thing though. Definitely recommend buying, great fun!

  5.  So much fun!


    I love this game! It is very much alike Fallout 3, but the 4 player online co-op is fantastic fun! It takes you a while to realise it, but there are hundreds of weapons to choose from.

    The enemies do get quite repetitive after a while but on the other hand there is so many methods of killing them to choose from.

    However, there are a few glitches. I don't know whether this just the internet lagging or something (I've never had a problem with any other online game) or whether it is the game, but on several occasions I have had to quit the game because it has frozen.

    I would definitely recommend buying this game by all means!

  6.  Great game, but glitchy


    This game is one of a kind, arguably more an interactive movie than a game (it would actually make an amazing movie!). It is a very intelligent game, and forces the player to think about their surroundings and hence how they play the game. The controls are difficult to get used to and sometimes the lack of freedom can be a little frustrating. This game is not for lovers of shoot-em-up's or beat-em-up's (COD/Tekken/Assassins Creed).

    The graphics on this game are the best I've ever seen. However, can be a little glitchy at times. Sometimes, the sounds mutes itself for a few seconds too which can be a little annoying when you miss some important dialogue. Also, having played the game 6 hours straight tonight... it froze!

    Despite the let-downs in glitches and the restricted gameplay, this game really is worth playing. It's an experience in itself!

  7.  Amazing game!


    I love this game! You can interact with so many items and people, and your actions dictate whether you become evil or good, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The combat is great fun, with lots of options (e.g, head shots, crippling limbs, destroying and enemies weapon etc). There are loads of weapons to choose from, and also armour and helmets.

    You have to buy this game! When I first started playing it I couldn't really get into it, as I didn't understand the full potential of combat, but now I'm addicted. I've almost finished the main story mode, but there are loads more side quests to complete still. Extremely fun game!

  8.  LOVED IT!


    I thought this game was just awesome! I played it about three times over. I love how you can 'upgrade' your abilities to earn new weapons and other unlockables. Online co-op is an interesting idea but slightly annoying when the other person signs off. I definately recommend co-op though! Having one person bash through the door, and another shoot tangos from the window is great! I don't have any complaints about the graphics, but I'm one of those people who prefer good gameplay anyway, which is what you definately get with this game! Definately recommend it, especially for this price!