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  1.  Another good erotic thriller from De Palma


    I would never of bought this if some other director (not going to name them) had made this film.
    But as its Brian De Palma whose previous erotic thrillers BODY DOUBLE and FEMME FATALE both excellent and underrated, I bought, watched and wasn't disappointed.
    Although not as good as those two PASSION is a treat for De Palma fans.
    Good performances from the leading actresses and some fine twists in the story to see.

  2.  Man. Utd. forever!


    Excellent dvd and a massive improvement on last years release.
    No stupid images and scenes that were like 'jump cuts'.
    Brilliant dvd and Utd were lucky not to win the Premiership.
    Oh well. roll on the 2012/2013 season!!

  3.  The best gangster film ever!


    My fave film of all time has been released on a superb blu ray.
    Al Pacino is brilliant as is Brian De Palma's directing. A fantastic film given a fantastic upgrade to bd.
    In my opinion, De Palma's best film. 5/5

  4.  A very good horror


    A SERBIAN FILM is a very good horror film with some social cpmmentary, regarding the paedophiies and their disgusting filming of children. But ASF is well acted with good sfx and it's of course disturbing and shocking, which it was set out to do, successfully. I have seen the fully uncut version and the 'baby rape' scene which is naturally talked about...the scene is implied, nothing is shown. The man with the dark glasses is shown from the back, no close ups and you can tell the 'baby' is animatronic and the mother who gave birth is clearly wearing a latex body suit. Other scenes are clearly cut by the BBFC have over cut the film by over 4 minutes as there are a number of films with children in certain situations and have been passed uncut, and as usual the BBFC have got it wrong again.
    The media et al have brainwashed the stupid public again, and like the publicity line for THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, 'It's only a movie, it's only a movie' etc.
    No one in A SERBIAN FILM was hurt, it's called acting!

  5.  My favourite film on blu ray at last


    Brian De Palma's best film (and mine) SCARFACE comes to blu ray and it's the best you will see this excellent gangster film.
    I received the steelbook triple play blu ray this morning and later checked the film.
    Fantastic and I'm not disappointed with the blu ray at all.
    My only snag is with the standard dvd...why are there no introduction in letters describing the Cuban refugees in red as with all releases?
    Instead you have a black background and white English subtitles!
    What went wrong Universal? You messed the sd up!
    I already have the R2 dvd and the R1 Platinum Edition, no probs there...

  6.  There have been better Utd dvds....


    I buy the United season review every year and although I was pleased to see my lifelong team win the league for a record 19th time, I have to say the angles and direction of a lot of the games/goals were no way as good as previous Utd dvds.
    Come on Utd, win it again, and hopefully the distributors/producers will release a better dvd!

  7.  A brilliant comic!


    Robin Williams - Weapons Of Self Destruction is just hilarious!
    Forget the prudish last reviewer stating Williams is rude....what did you expect with the great man's stand up routine?
    Robin Williams is one of the funniest (along with Kevin Smith and Bill Maher) comedians in America.
    His very funny views on the always stupid Sarah Palin et al is excellent!
    A very funny dvd!!

  8.  My favourite French horror film


    SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE is a brilliant gory and twisty horror. Why some people don't understand the film means they are just stupid and have not been following the film all through.
    The twist is easy to understand and all credit goes to the director Alexandre Aja et al for making this a brilliant piece of genuine horror film making.
    Better than MARTYRS in my opinion.

  9.  Argento's best film in my opinion


    Briliiant horror thriller from Argento and why this great film was banned is beyond me.
    I just hope that Arrow will release TENEBRE in its longest version like my Dutch dvd but better picture.
    If so I will buy definitely!!

  10.  A Sleazy Greek Horror!


    I bought the European dvd some years ago but I'll definitely be buying this excellent dvd from Arrow.
    Uncut and great extras, this film is a great example of low budget sleaze and horror from director Nico Masorakis.
    Beware of Greeks bearing a gift of sleaze!