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  1.  as good as i expected


    most people have compared this to CoD4 or Vegas 1, but i havent played either of them
    there is a main story and terrorist hunts, the steelbook is good, altough looks odd sitting next to normal cases
    the controls are easy to get used to, i like how you can cotrol your teamates.
    there are lots of loading times, graphics are good, but the game tends to freeze and jolt (not flashbags)
    online is great fun, but there is lots of lagging. it is not hard, not easy, but challenging. to become the top ranking of ELITE seems next to impossible
    judging by the ending i dont think there will be a vegas 3

  2.  only watch once


    i watched this at the cinema and it was great with the massive screen and surround sound
    i dont think it is one to buy on dvd. it is good to watch once, maybe again a year later. but is not the sort of film you watch over and over again
    i suggest renting it, borrowing off of a friend or waiting until it is on tv

  3.  excellent


    this tv is great. ive had this tv for 3 months and it is super. it has a shiny black finish
    it has PIP (picture in picture), i have used it a few times and its great
    the picture is spot on. my ps3 looks great even though it is only 720p
    the sound is great, it will go very loud and the speakers are hidden
    3 miner problems where that the buttons, you have to push in quite hard. it take 7 seconds to turn on. if you want to get on to hdmi 1 you have to press the source button 3 or 4 times, you have to go through ext1, ext2, pc (if plugged in), then hdmi1

  4.  best chris ryan book


    this is about the black out of 3 citys, but also the black out of josh's memory and he has to gain his memory to stay alive as he is a waneted man
    it is a very tense, on the edge book, i didnt want to put the book down

  5.  a good little book


    it is about a 2 soldiers, one who has his identity stolen from the other. one of them gets mistaken for a cowardly thief. it took me about 3 hours to read and im a fairly slow reader.
    it has a very good suprising ending

  6.  arcade game


    this game is very much an arcade stle racing game, not a ps3 game
    you are in a grand prix, but the are are few, if any people in the crowd. the cars aren't real, but that doesnt matter. when you you buy a new car it get driven by lorrys or flown by planes and then unloaded (pretty cool).
    once you win the grand prix you enter Extreme Battles which are extreamly hard
    online races are near to impossible to win as everyone else has a car that is better than yous in every way

  7.  best off road game


    every track has at least 2 routes you can take.
    when you are on a motorbike or atv you can push other racers off of their bike or atv, you can also swear (use hand gestures) at cars and trucks.
    you can use a SIXAXIS motion sensitive controller which is great fun in the air on bike
    online is excellent because you all use the same catagory of vehicle and no-one can modify their vehicle so they always win

  8.  great


    out of all of the games ive played on ps3 i have to say this has the best storyline and gameplay
    i would say it is more of an adventure game than a shoot em up because you have to solve puzzles and you can use hand to hand combat
    i would of liked a 2 player mode, but it is a great 1 player game
    just waiting for uncharted 2

  9.  excellent


    i got this with ridge racer with my ps3 and im still playing it 6 months on
    the storyline is good. the graphics are excellent even though they are just 720p
    the 4 player offline death matches and meltdown are great fun
    online is excellent although very hard for an unexperinced player

  10.  Good for a while


    this game is not all about "At World's End". bits of the game are from the 1st 2 pirates of the carrabbean movies.
    the graphics of the people lacked detail.
    the game is a bit repetative especially during the duels.
    if you liked the movie, you may not like the game
    you should probably try the game before you purchase it