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  1.  Better Without the Steel.


    At first glance of the game, the visuals did seem to be quite impressive and nice to look at. Comparing to some other previous FPS, in some cases this was definetly a step up from the previous consoles. Almost everything in the environment was destructible at a gun shot and this was very precise. The action sequences can be quite impressive(especially through high explosions that is extremely impressive through sound and sight) as you shoot your way all over the place, not only will you take down your enemies but also destroy anything the bullet passes. The FP gun had a very glossy effect and incredible animation through its gun shots and reloads. Although aside from atmospheric and impressive environment, in other cases after a while you will notice that Red Steel also reveals some dull scenery that was a little disappointing. Yet the most impressive scenes are without a doubt the explosions that can have all your enemies fly through the air that is pretty laughable and very enjoyable just to look at that makes up for some dull scenery.

    The controls do take a bit of getting used to, even more than Call of Duty 3 as Red Steel is a Wii exclusive with some new control ideas. But when its done the aiming system can come to be extremely accurate. I never saw myself take down so many head shots so quickly. The aiming again like Call of Duty is basically the same yet much more precise. The gun and hand is fully 3D as turning left and right, your hand gun will be in different views. Also by simply rotating the wiimote left or right, causes your character to rotate his gun in that position. Unlike Call of Duty, changing weapons is done by pressingy the D-Pad. The Nunchuck is used for opening doors and reloading, both, by flicking forward. Yet when you arm yourself with a grenade, flicking the nunchuck forward causes him to throw at a distance while flick from down to frwd causes him to roll the grenade across the ground. When it comes to a FPS control system for Wii, this was a dam fine job yet unfortunetly, here comes the sword fighting.

    At first I was looking forward to this attempt as I was expecting so much more. At first glance it didnt seem all that bad. When you enter a sword battle, you arm yourself automatically with a sword. You face your enemy in a sword fight face to face. The first few fights was easy as you simply swing the wiimote for to slash him apart but eventually when your enemies get harder you will begin to realise that the sword battles arent as free fighting as you think. Once you defeat him you can either let him go(swing the nunchuck) or kill him(swing the wiimote). Letting them go will gain you extra points. When in battle you dont have control to walk freely as this is done automatically while face to face. While against harder enemies the battles are less sword slashes yet it seems very turned based as you have to wait for him to attack to take advantage. The sword slashes are done simply by swinging the wiimote left, right, up, down or any diagonal direction. No forward slashes or stabs. Block by swinging the nunchuck just as he attacks or dodge using the analogue. There are also combo attacks that uses both wiimote and nunchuck yet doesnt seem to be attacking with a sword but just pointless motion movements. In some cases, this sword fighting can be extremely frustrating.

    When it comes to just FPS, this is a great attempt with some new unique controls, great ideas and decent visuals with a tough yet standard difficulty rating. Unfortunately, with these silly and annoying sword battles Ubisoft are adding a more frustrating and irritating gameplay within the sword battles that we would all be better off without.

  2.  Extremely Intense, yet not without its flaws.


    We are probably all aware that Call of Duty 3 is a FPS based during WW2, so theres no need going through all the detail here, so lets just get right to the point. First of all, when it comes to the visuals, admittingy, the Wii version isnt all that much different to the xbox version. There are certain improvements like smoke effects but unfortunately these are mainly only noticable when you actually search for it. Although the Wii isnt meant to present us with such mind blowing visuals as the PS3 or 360. However, it is recognised as a more powerful console than the original xbox, which seems to be a downfall here as the xbox and Wii visuals in Call of Duty 3 arent much of a difference. Yet I suppose this is fairly commen during the launch days.

    The controls however is where Wii takes its highest priority. Here Call of Duty controls will take a little getting used to at first but are easily picked up after a few minutes. The Wiimote is used in the right hand as the aiming and firearm. An exclusive technique to the Wii version is that the aimer can be set to the centre just like all consoles or you can have it set to free aim. This is where the crossfire can be taken off centre. This is actually better for the Wii as aiming with the Wiimote will feel much more fluid. The B button is used as the trigger while A brings the gun to the centre, making aiming more precise. This can also be used much quicker by just rotating the wiimote to the left. This is pretty basic.

    The nunchuck in the left hand is used for movement using the analogue, Frwd, Back and strafe left and right. C is jump while Z is crouch. The nunchuck is used also for choosing weapons by a simple wrist flick left or right while flick upwards reloads. At first I though this would seem much more complicated but the these have made it so much easier for me to handle. Usually when I played Call of Duty Big Red One on the Gamecube, I always forgot to reload while with the nunchuck, that has never been a problem again.

    There are some things about the controls in some areas that could have been dealt with a little better. In some stage a soldier will attack you from around the corner where he grabs your gun. Here you will have to force him back by pushing forward both nunchuck and wiimote one at a time. This isnt too bad and pretty accurate but not very appealling to the new control system. The thing I was least fond of was steering controls. Usually in wii racing games the only thing required is the wiimote held horizontally, tilting left and right for steering. But with Call of Duty you have both nunchuck and wiimote, which would seem quite awkward to keep changing different control positions. So instead you are holding both nunchuck and wiimote as if you are positioning your both hands on a steering wheel rotating it left and right. At first this may seem easy but not realising that this does come to be quite tiresome after a while. Probably the only major flaw in the controls alongside a few minors.

    But as the controls may be a great start up for a FPS on the Wii, it is by no means perfect along and with the lack of multiplayer which is probably the major flaw of the game. But this is definetly without a doubt the best FPS on Wii by far as you play through an extremely intense, incredibly atmospheric war game that is highly involving.