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  1.  Excellent.


    I must admit. I was looking forward to this. I love the first one and thought the second was astonishing.
    This is a dark film. Far darker than the others and really pushes that batman is a normal human first of all. The story is very good starting with Bruce's depression from the circumstances of the second film and that he is now a recluse to the arrival of bane and his attempt to take over Gotham.
    It is a very long film and at times does seem to dip in the middle but it does cover a lot of ground so I couldn't be too disappointed in this.
    I thought bane was played well. Don't expect the same bane from the comic books but there are overlaps.
    I didn't like Selena kyles character as much as some did but still thought she had a good part to play, just sometimes she was focused on too much.
    If you did enjoy the others and haven't seen it, I would highly recommend watching it. It's isnt one to sit and shut off to in the same way the previous films aren't. But it is a fitting finale to the story and Christopher nolans direction is very good. It certainly deserves the plaudits it got.

  2.  How does he get away with it?


    I do like sasha baron. I laughed at all the other films although found Bruno a little but ott.
    This film doesn't just cross over the line the other did, it ignores it completely. If you are in any way offendable AT ALL, it's probably best to avoid this film. If not this film has some very very funny bits. True, some miss the mark but I did enjoy this.
    I don't know how he gets away with it but Im glad he does.

  3.  Surprisingly good fun


    This was a film I hadn't really taken any notice of and bought it as, like others there aren't an enormous amount of 3d films. Especially for kids.
    We put it on for the kids and didn't leave the room. Cracking story, extremely good graphics and surprisingly good 3d.
    Genuine family fun for ages 3 up

  4.  Not sure


    I wasn't sure what to expect with this film. I love the original alien film and aliens. Absolutely love them. I was thrilled that Ridley Scott was creating this and had very high hopes for it.
    It's not remotely that this is a bad film. It's not and on its own merit as a stand alone film is well worth watching. There are some very good actors and some excellent performances. I think the problems are that It does take itself very seriously and tries to go very deep on certain philosophical issues and to be honest I did want to see some of the origin of the first film. Although there are parts of this, it's nothing like many fans wanted.
    I think I would be happier watching it a second time now I realise this.

  5.  You know what you're getting.


    I will start by saying I hated the first film. I thought it was a soft core adult film with a few fish in places. So when I was forcibly dragged to this, I wanted to take my iPod or a book.
    To be fair, this one doesn't set out to be anything other than boobs, gore and....boobs... It's actually got some laugh out loud bits. The parts with David hasselhoff especially.
    Do they justify seeing it? Not completely but it doesn't take itself too seriously this time around and as such was more fun than the first.

  6.  Wow!


    Like most people, I do love James bond. I have always only had DVD before recently and bought one on blu ray. I was very impressed with the quality of the picture and sound.
    These are the original boys own films and each one offers something different. I, personally like the presentation pack and think it adds a sense of the experience. It'll be difficult getting it on the shelf but that's a minor fault. Especially when it works out at about £4.00 a film!
    To those who haven't seen a bond film, welcome to earth, I hope you like it. To the rest of us, we know what to expect and it's that with a better picture and higher quality of sound.

  7.  Just fantastic


    When I heard this was coming, I wasnt really that interested. I loved the iron man and Thor films but didn't really have much interest in a joining together of the people.
    However. On being dragged along I was totally blown away. Over two hours of non stop action. Genuinely. It doesn't stop.
    All the characters are treated fairly. I got a little annoyed with the x men as it turned into the wolverine show. This doesn't. I felt every single one was given decent screen time, with the star of the show being the hulk. He has some very funny lines.
    I don't remember the 3d effect being tremendous but it might be better on the home screen....or I'm going old and blind.
    I would highly recommend watching this film. Not just comic fans or sci if fans. It is one of the film highlights of the last few years and well worth your money.
    I would recommend watching Thor and captain America first though as it will genuinely help the story make total sense.

  8.  Not a bad effort


    The new update of the classic horror film with Daniel trying to prove he isn't a one trick wizard.
    I didn't know what to expect with this. I had heard every review from it being the scariest film ever to absolute rubbish.
    The story is that a young lawyer is sent to sort through the affairs of a recently dead person and strange things happen in the house.
    The acting isn't bad at all. I thought Daniel was far better than I thought he would be. Not amazing but there is definitely hope for him.
    Scariness? To be honest we didn't find this scary. There are a few jumpy bits and a few nervy bits but nothing at all overly scary which was a shame as the original was far better in this spect.

    Not a bad film but don't expect to be left a gibbering wreck.

  9.  Finally!


    So. After three years the film that started the 3d change has arrived.
    I can't see there are many people who haven't seen this. I like many others loved it. Yes the story has been done before but it's still done in an excellent manner. On normal blu ray, the colour and picture quality is incredible.
    The 3d at the cinema was incredible, really drawing you in to the film with some fantastic 'stick out' bits. I know numerous people who have copies they received from Panasonic and they have watched it numerous times.
    I am a bit annoyed it has taken so long to arrive. But am still chomping at the bit to get it so I can finally watch it the way it was supposed to look.
    No film has come close to the effect at home. I have little doubt this will achieve it.

    My only worry is that it will be the basic film and not the extended version.

  10.  Huh?


    I'm sorry but I have no idea what film I was watching when I look at the previous reviews.
    I found this to be an awful waste of time and effort. There really isn't a story line and I don't care what the previous reviewer said, I know it's not a love story but I do want some semblance of something relating to a story at some point.
    There is a 5-10 minute of topless women swimming under the water. Fine if I'm watching ......adult films, not when it's supposed to be a film for both sexes. Then the other long periods of other random women getting their tops off....or people dancing.
    Yes there are some piranha on a few occasions but far less than there should have been for what is supposed to be a bloody film about piranha!!! And what there is of a storyline is copied almost wholesale from every other one of this genre.
    The only thing I can say is that parts are ?unintentionally funny.
    Definitely made by men for teenage boys. Not one I will watch again.
    For those of you who are rating this film purely on boob factor, may I suggest the Internet....