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  1.  Cheap..and good...suprisingly


    Despite being branded as sony ericsson...this is actually made by sagem

    This is a decent phone...for the money you pay for it
    Its got a decent 2mp camera..pics will look better on a pc monitor than the phone
    The music player is a bit rubbish...its not very loud..and goes up about 8 volume levels rather than the so many more that other se models do.

    Its quite small...which is a bad point imo...the buttons are a bit small...but give a definite click each time

    Overall...good phone...bit slow when loading up...but thats bout it tbh

  2.  Amazing


    Sooo much better than skate, tony hawks, or any other skating game

    Graphics are immense, gameplay is epic, customisation is pretty goo,d needs more hairstyles though :(

    Basically an epic game, although the soundtrack isnt amazing...

  3.  Its good...but its not really anti flag...


    Definitely not their best album...but its still pretty good! There are about 4 amazing tracks on there, and the rest are pretty average, but still its a good album, worth a buy more if you're into regular pop punk, rather than the original anti flag stuff :p

    If your an anti flag fan, and you dont already have it, get for blood and empire, or terror state :d

  4.  hmm..not bad


    Tbh, it was only the album art that attracted me to this band, but when i listened to them at first, i didnt really know what to think, but i dled the album from itunes.

    At first i didnt really think this band was very good...its obviously an attempt to enter the already over-populated genre of pop-punk. Its not a bad attempt, but it is rather boring.

    The lyrics dont really have much meaning...they area bit repetetive in tune and rhythm. The instrumentals are okay...again a bit repetetive, with obvious links to bands such as motion city soundtrack, the lyrics sound like somethin you expect from panic! Or fall out boy.

    The album isnt great, as i said at the begining, its a bit boring...

    Maybe theyll give s something more to listen to...but this could be so much better

  5.  Amazing little toy, but is let down buy the software :(


    This would get 5 *'s if it was compatible wiht wmp, unfortuantely its not, and is only compatible with the horror known as itunes...where music is overpriced, and it deletes all your music randomly.

    But the ipod is great, the shake shuffle, and the coverflow thing is immense, this is my first ipod, and ive had it less than 24hrs...but it was worth the money !!!

    Buy one! And the blue is a sexy colour!!!

  6.  Beta review


    Downloaded beta, am at level 9, and its awesome
    Its really a lot better than i expected it to be, as i expected another cod3...i was soooo wrong...for the online, theyve basically taken cod4 and made it much much better...havent played sp


    Goooore!!! Shotguns/explosions blow off limbs :p

    Its amazzing
    Add me :d gamertag-reklawz

  7.  Its good...but it could be great


    First off, dont get me wrong, this is an unbeleivably good game, defo a canidate for best game of 2008! But there are lots of things its missing!!! It lacks the extent of customisation offered by the original fable! There is a shortage of weapons, especially melee, and clothing is severely limited!! They should have added to it rather than limiting it...it is also a rather short story line, but still, it is absolutely amazing and has to be probably the only game that has had me immersed in the storyline, it is really easy to follow, but is very similar to the original...the maps are much bigger, which is good

    Overall, this is an awesome game, but it could the best thing since white sliced bread, if there was more custumisation options!!!!!!!!!

  8.  boring!


    Basically, the games on this disc give you a head ache. Except team fortress 2 which is unbeleivably fun, its worth buying this gaem just to play tf2!!

    But hl2 is boring and crap.

    Portal is okay, but dont play it for a long time cus itll give you a head ache!!

  9.  Awesome phone!


    Normally when i buy a phone, i tend to only spend £40-£50, but i stretched my self for this one, as a few of my mates have it, and ive heardn othing but good things about it!

    To start with, the 3.2 mp camera is great, but it does get fuzzy, if you zoom. It doesnt have great internal memory, but what sony ericsson phone does??

    It has pretty much everything you expect from a se phone, and its pretty much indestructible, i dropped it down the stairs at college, and it doesnt have any marks on it!! The rubber coating on the plastic back helps!

    Basically, great phone, worth the money! :D

  10.  Great if you have never used iTunes, or an iPod


    Okay, ive been thinking about buying a nano, so i bought a shuffle, just to kinda supplement my walkman, and to take it on the bus to college. First impressins, its dead funky, clip it on your jeans and it just looks super cool lol

    The colour looks different in real life, its more of a minty green, also, if you do buy a coloured one, dont for the love of god drop it cus if it scratches, or chips, its really noticeable so if your prone to dropping stuff, get a silver one!

    Its really easy to use, ijust stick it on shuffle, and away i go! (Although, if you have more of one artist than others, then you generally find that the artist that takes up the majority of your emory plays more!)

    Syncing is really easy, just right click the song in your itunes library, and select playlist, and then ipod, itunes also recognises what ipod, and what colour ipod ur using!!

    Also, for the 1gb, you can get quite a few songs on there!!

    So basically, get one if you want to get a nano or summat in the future, but i reccomend getting 2gb if you want to use it as ur main mp3 player!!