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  1.  Not bad actually


    This game is quite bizarre. It is as if a medieval theme got stuck, and a little lost, somewhere between Gears of War and Dynasty Warriors. The story is good but not really special but the gameplay is fun. The first half an hour or so is quite tedious but after that it is quite fun. The RPG elements of this game are interesting and will keep your attention throughout. If you have a Call of Duty attention span (i.e. need to shoot/destroy something every 2 seconds) then this game is not for you, if you like something a little more slower paced and medieval then give it a go. Look at some videos and read up about it before doing so though

  2.  Great Value for Money


    What a great package! I never played these games before as I was stuck in the "Tomb Raider Clone" way of thinking. The Uncharted series however, is more like an adventure film. Strong story, great graphics and solid gameplay and you get both of them packaged together for a great price. The DLC is not really anything special (an avatar and a background theme) but the two games are. I highly recommend these games but make sure to watch some videos and read up about it before buying.

  3.  Nicely executed


    The game play is great, the sound amazing and its content and length are superb. The story in this game is solid, well told and even creepy at times. The only downside to this game is that sometimes you become so overwhelmed with enemies that it becomes a little unfair, so get used to dying a lot at times in the story. This, however, does not ruin the experience of the game. Please note that the game assumes that you have just finished and completed the first infamous. A new comer to series can play and enjoy this game, however they will find a large number of things in the story confusing. These are my thoughts, I do recommend it but before you picking it up make sure to watch some videos and read up about it.

  4.  The Great Collection


    3 games, over 50 hours of gameplay; that is excellent value for money. The graphics are clean and feel like a remastered HD approach to the classic 2D graphical style. The bonus content available in this package is incredible. This game is also challenging and does not hold your hand throughout the entire game or require any no-brain shooting or killing like many games do nowadays. This game is great for the older and younger gamers alike. These are my opinions, however this game is not for everyone. Look at some videos, read about it before making a decision. I recommend this title and it is worth it.