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  1.  Tiger Suit


    First listen to this and i wasnt 100% i loved the good feel vibe to it tho and it sounds like kt is havin a good time singin it, but having said that its a grower after repeated listens im lovin it more and more. Its quite different to drastic fantasic which i loved straight away my fav track on it has to be lost kt has a lovely vioce on this track!

  2.  Do you like rock music?


    Saw these guys support the Manics last week and was instantly impressed with wat i heard didnt know any of the songs but the music jst got me and decided to get this album. Only played it once up to press but straight away loved every minute of it , recognised about 4 songs from the gig but its a great listen some loud tunes and some atmospheric tunes to the last track is a little weird tho. Highly recommended!!

  3.  Folklore n Superstition


    What a band what an album much prefer this to their 1st album chock full of tunes fantastic vocals and big guitars played it over an over. would like to see em live, 2nd bonus disc is good also well worth every penny spent on this album . Highly recommended!

  4.  Postcards From a Young Man


    Just got my signed copy today and after my first listen i wasnt quite sure mainly coz i were expecting something louder and more bombastic than SATT,but after more listens i am gettin to like it alot. It doesnt sound like any other manics album maybe a little of SATT and EMG,but the tunes and melodies are all there A Billion Balconies is my fave at the moment a good record indeed!

  5.  The Essential Alice In Chains


    Superb!! As a new Alice follower iwas lookin for a best of sort of cd and this is the one for sheer value for money, all the impotant ones are here and more i know the music bank one is for the purists but is quite expensive so if u startin out on Alice this is the one!!

  6.  Keep Calm And Carry On/dvd version


    Well the stereos are not known for keepin with a familiar theme they like to change sounds and moods of their records which is why we love em but this album is a very calm affair! I dont dislike it but im not repeat playin it either its a laid back record ideal for a laid back mood Perfomance And Cocktails it aint but the lyrics and musicianship is top notch as ever. The dvd is superb with an insight into some of the songs and a behind the scenes 2008 tour all well put together and the packaging of the cd/dvd is excellent as all stereos cds specails are!

  7.  Pyromania Deluxe Edition


    Fantastic!! Had this album on tape for over 20 years and were goin to get it on cd when i found out this was bein released. How glad im i i waited for the record on its own was superb especially after havin it on tape but its the live recording from LA in 83 that is the icing on the cake. MY first guitar hero Steve Clark is loud and pround and phil collen is super fast its a blindin concert and the sound is top notch. Just wish i could have watched them in this era and that a dvd could be released of this concert, but we are never happy are we!!! WELL worth every penny and a great xmas prezzie.

  8.  AIC Black Gives Way To Blue


    First got this record on download and after 1 listen constantly played it there after , now i have bought the cd . It is simply superb heavy as hell an d just a great listen from start to the lovely laid back number at the end. Probably havnt heard anything as heavy and massive since metallicas black album,didnt know much about aic before but i will now!! Highly recommended

  9.  manics journal for plague lovers


    Brilliant! was expecting a holy bible mk2 but as the lyrics are unmistakenly richey edwards the music side is all the present manics, the holy bible should have been a richey solo record as it was all him pained and troubled as he was. This reminds me a little of this is our truth, know your enemy and send away the tigers which is no bad thing and its no bad thing to remind people how much richey gave the manics back in the day. The special edition is worth every penny and is beautifully packaged! 10/10

  10.  duff mckagans loaded sick cd/dvd


    simply superb! thought it would be good but not this good every track made me grin from ear to ear . the best music i have heard in a long time. Get the dvd version 90minutes and worth every penny, highly recomended