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Product Reviews

9 (33% helpful)

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  1.  Brilliant


    This game is exellent, like god of war , dante's inferno and prince of persia put together

  2. Nier



    5 New from  £27.96  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £29.69

     Ignore the critics


    very good game, easy to play and understand, good story, variety of bosses and enemies. fighting controls are not too complicated and magic isvery cool and unique to this game.

  3.  Very good


    It,s interesting ,lots of variety and good upgrades for weapons. the karbine is awesome.

  4.  A bit glitchy


    I'm not a big fan of free roam games but thought this was exellent ,with being able to evolve your caracter how you want him. It has big guns ,a large variety of big and small enemy's and good side quests. It is a bit glitchy and crashes quite a bit though, at least it did when i played it anyway.

  5.  Good game


    Can't understand why people are calling this over, it's a very good shooter and interesting story. It is also unique having the ability to slow, reverse and stop time

  6.  Quite good


    There's been alot of bad reviews on this game but it's not as bad as people make out , there is alot worse games out there. The bosses are impressive and it's fun controlling the vs's (robots)

  7.  Not that bad


    Thought this game was quite good, there was quite a bit of frame lag and graphics were'nt great when i played it but otherwise it was ok

  8.  Not that bad


    People seem to forget what it was like playing on ps2, This game is a good step foreward from that but nowhere near uses ps3's full potential. I quite injoyed playing it but not worth playing again.

  9. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.98

     Big daddy


    This game is one of the best with very unusual story, exellent graphics and gameplay. The big daddy's are great.

  10.  The best game ever


    This game blew me away ,it's exellent and the only game that has made me jump . Survival horror at it's best and you can buy really cool upgrades on the ps3 store. Played it christmas 2008 and i still think it's the best game yet.