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  1.  Great for Metroid fans and people new to the series


    I have been playing Metroid since Super Metroid back in 1994 and from that day i have become hooked in this universe from the age of 4 and i still rate Super Metroid as the best in the series. But the Prime series was a great change for Metroid, finally going 3D on the gamecube. Metroid Prime 1 & 2 are one of the best games of the last generation and Prime 3 is one of the best you'll get on the Wii but your getting 3 games on one disc with updated controls, 480p support and 16:9 wide screen support for Prime 1 & 2 . You cant go wrong, these games will offer hours of gameplay and its well worth the money. If you have a Wii and still haven't experienced Metroid this is one of the best places to start.

  2.  Probably the best Console iv owned since the SNES


    I'v had my PS3 for over a year now and its the best console i've owned in over 15 years. I previously had an Xbox 360 but after constant issues i traded it in, got my moneys worth, bought a PS3 and have never looked back. Over the year i have literaly had no issues with the thing at all honestly. Excelent build quality, built in wireless, blu ray etc everything the 360 does this does, does more and does better. Great line up of games and far more to come, most so called "Exclusives" on the 360 tend to end up on the PS3 so your honestly not missing much at all if you dont have a 360. Its a great system and id highly recomend it to anyone who still hasnt jumped into the next generation of games console.

  3.  Great Deal


    Got this because i was running out of HDD space on my 40gb model and its a great deal for a 320gb. Now i can record more TV and download movies when this movie service comes out in europe great deal and esstenal upgrade for the PS3 if its your primary gaming system

  4.  This is what Resisden Evil should be


    This game is amazing. a few minutes in, your sent out on your own and within those few minutes i was scared to death some moments i didnt want to go round the corner fearing what might happen. This game messes with your head if you have a good 5.1 set up you hear sounds that make your hair stand on end, amazing game supports trophies too get this game!!!

  5.  Best MGS there has been. Ever better than MGS1 :O


    The title says it all this game is a masterpeice Kojimas finest if you are an MGS fan then you dont need me to tell you that you need this but if your just jumping into this game for the first time you might be lost but it wraps up pretty much everything you questiond in the previous games and MGO is alot better than i thought great fun just cant get enough of this game you will be amazed and awe struck by it.

    absolutly love this game 10/10 without doubt best in the series

  6.  What a TV !!!


    Got this TV today just an amazing screen hooked PS3 in put it at full 1080p and it just looks amazing if you have the money you should seriously get this TV i cant recomend it enough.

  7.  Amazing


    First metroid game to go 3D and personaly the i think its the best one in the prime series just above Prime 3. great game buy it if you havnt already

  8.  Great Prime Game


    Been into metroid games since super metroid and this is defenatly a step up from Prime 2 just below the first Prime game but defenatly an amazing game controls are amazing its how it should be done on the Wii any metroid fan will love it