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  1.  got this as a birthday present


    i hadnt even heard of this film and i got it yesterday for my birthday. glad i didnt read the reviews first cause it might have sent me down the shop to trade it in lol. watched it and i thought it was really good, i dont know why people are slating it so much. the problem these days is every wants to be a stuck up critic. id deffinately recommend watching this.

  2.  Best Of The Three :o)


    I think some people on here need to get a grip. its a new cast for a reason, so why watch it if you want them to be exactly the same as the old cast?. i liked the first two season's but season three is by far the best in my opinion. it shows a whole new slant on what being a teenager is really all about for some people. i think some of the charactors are much better in season three for example cook and i much prefer the female cast for acting ability as well.

    still though if your not a boring internet geek who compares every minor detail from season to season then you will love season three and its money well spent!!!!

  3.  Flawless :o)


    24 goes from strength to strength in my opinion and this season is no exception!!!. just finished watching season seven and i cant wait to watch it again already. i just hope theres a season eight.

  4.  Waste Of Time


    Steer clear of this one!!!. I wish i had never ordered it now and for £25 i was well and truly ripped off big time. i loved ready to rumble for the dreamcast but this was just awfull.

    i wonder if its possible to return the game as its not fit for the purpose it was sold and by that i mean with the controls not working properly.

    if you want a half decent boxing game buy the don king boxing game, its cheaper and far better than this rubbish.

  5.  Brilliant


    i am hooked on this game and cant seem to stop playing it, spent seven hours on it yesterday and cant wait to get back on it. iv not had this much fun on a game since gta vice city. £10 well spent!!!

  6.  One Of the best films iv seen!!!


    Only got round to watching this yesterday, i dont exactly know what words to say to describe how good this film is but it is now one of the top 50 films in the collection. The acting is great, the plot is extremely good, the director has done a blinding job and id give this film a 9.5/10 easy!!!! Worth every penny spent in my opinion.

  7.  Diabolical


    If i could give this movie no stars i would. Watched the trailer for this and it looked brilliant, infact i waited in suspense for a whole month thinking finaly a half decent film has been since saw one. How wrong i was, im glad i didnt buy this as id hate to have wasted money on a coaster!!. First half hour was ok but the rest bored me to tears.

  8.  Legendary


    Every once in about 6 months me and my mate will put this on after a night out on the town when we get back still drinking and laugh our asses off!!!! No matter how many times we have seen this film it still manages to have us in stitches. This is the best of the four so far.

  9.  Very Impressed


    Best game i have ever played by far, was totally addicted once i started playing. controls are good, graphics are good and the game play is spot on :o) i just hope they bring another one out for the wii!!!

  10.  Not Bad At All


    was expecting this to be pretty crap from the reviews i had read about it but quite suprised when i played it. love the badminton game which im addicted too, the basketball is crap but not fussed about that and all in all it was well worth the money spent!!!