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  1.  be strong be invisible be the weapon


    This is an exellent game. The graphics are so far the best ive seen all year. The campaign is pro the online is pro, everything about this game is pro. I love the nano suit, it just makes this game the best. Seeing my favourite city brought to destruction it actually great. I love the idea of this game being in new york. EA, Crytek, Cryengine3 amazing job. BE THE WEAPON!!!

  2.  Earths Last Stand


    This is a heroic movie, one of the best this year. This was the most action packed one of the three of them. The characters were great, even though Megan Fox isn't in this one the new girl is a great act. i got really into the film when the action started and it was amazing. Not just in the streets of the city like the first one, the whole city was going down. Cars destroyed, buildings on fire, deserted of people. This was a mega battle, Optimus Prime didn't talk much but he was still the best transformer. Megatron didn't have much to do with this one but he was still just as evil. Great film but sadly i hear this is the last Transformers but this was a mega battle which I enjoyed so well done Michael Bay for a great sequel. Auto bots roll out.

  3.  mackenzie my office now


    LOL for the inbetweeners as this is a great tv program. I love all three series. This is my favourite program at the moment. They have stopped making them now but they are making movie which is great. This is hillarous i love it. The second series made me laugh the most. This is a rude and funny program. Neil is the funniest and what the others say to him. AMAZING!!!

  4.  Whats for dinner


    This is a brillant comedy to watch. It is really funny. Just 6 episodes for a great tv isnt enough but next year there is going to be a second series which is good. Simon bird is a great character, this is a good series that he is in now that the inbetweeners have finished. Friday night dinner is a really funny program and i cant wait until it comes out on dvd.

  5.  you cant hide from the helghast


    This is an amazing game, and when i say amazing, i mean fantasticly amazing. This is the best sony entertainment game i have played. The campaign is the best campaign i have played. It just beats batman arkham asylum. The online is pro too. There are 3 online modes, it is great. Although it isnt as adicting as COD online. There is going to be a kz4 i know it because of the ending on kz3 campaign. This has to be one of the best action games of the year. Already it is in my top 3 favourite games of the year. Know your enemy.

  6.  testing the unlimited speed


    Well this is a super fast game. There is a lot to do, the cars on this game are amazing. The two islands are massive. It takes ages to get to one place to the other. The graphics on the cars are brillant apart from the public cars. There are good things about this game but some bad things. The grapics are not so good. The best graphics are your car and the cars that you test drive. The racing on ibza are pro like c4, b4, a6 and a7. The ones on hawii are harder. If you want this game you need to be good at racing games. The casino island is great. The places you can buy are good and the clothes. The bugatti and zondas are the best cars.

  7.  Arkham Madness HA HA HA!!!


    When I first heard about this game it was a trailer on the dark knight movie. I thought that could be good. Then the following year I played the demo and I thought it was amazing. I had to get but it wasnt until a year later until I got it. Batman Arkham Asylum is a great game for the campaign. This is now my favourite campaign game. There's plenty of things to do to keep you into it like dicovering new areas in the asylum, finding the riddles, fighting against gaurds. One of my favourite things in the game is crabing gaurds and hanging them from guarguels. One of the main things in this game is to be stealthy which i love. The most challenging thing I faced was the scarecrow. All the characters are great like the joker, scarecrow, harley quine, killer croc, poisen Ivy, the bane. Now later in this year there is going to be an arkham city which looks amazing, i cant wait for it to come out because I am going to get this one quicker than I did with arkham asylum.

  8.  LOSERS


    This is a really good film. It has a decent amount of action and enough to keep me watching it. For a teenager is adult I would recoment you watching this film if you like action because this is a pro film with lots of action. It is also got some funny parts in it.

  9.  Undead Redemption


    Undead nightmare is a great ad-on to red dead redemption. Red dead was a pro game when I got it. This was the second most well played game I have played on the ps3. Then when I stopped playing it for a while. Put it wasnt long until Undead nightmare came out. This is a really good game. The campaign is a decent length. Theres plenty to do. I like goin out and saving people, i like the missions, capturing the horses of the apocalypse, saving towns from the dead and also the online undead overrun. This is a good ad-on, well done Rockstar you made a great job of the GTA IV ad-ons and now you have done a great red dead ad-on. I really would like it if rockstar are to make a red dead redemption 2. L.A. Noire is rockstars next game, if rockstar make good games like red dead and GTA then this new game should be good. Now you survive the undead overrun.

  10.  there back and theres more of them


    Right now this film is good but i would of given it a 3 and half because the story different. I like the ideas of the fact that there is more than one predator but dont like the fact that its on another planet. I dont like the other creatures, the predator masks dont look that good there look like they have been made out of wood. Also the action in it is great but the effects are not that good. I like the action when they are battles between the humans and predators. I wish that it would tell you how they got on the planet. Apart from the bad things it was a good film.