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  1.  Excellent , with flaws of course


    The game itself is an experience , good customization lots of things to do and great multiplayer options

    The campaign is good but a tad short for my liking , spec ops never intrested me....

    Multiplayer: Perfect. Except the people who play it -_-
    If you take a look at all the features you get and the guns it is superb , but with new challenges and killstreaks , here come the campers.

    It annoys me to the extent of throwing my controller around the room ! People who wait round corners waiting for you to fall into there trap and kill you without you getting a chance , camping isn't fun , it ruins the game for everyone else and it's for twats.

    Campaign 4/5
    Spec-Ops 3/5
    Multiplayer 4.5/5

  2.  Prince of Persia


    I wasn't too excited about this game at the release . But I got it anyways seeing as I am a fan of previous games . Good buy I have to say , about the same calibur as the originals . The painted graphics work wonders with this game . If you like adventure games get this .

  3.  Lord Of The Rings Multiplayer?


    When I heard of this game I thought no way can TLOFR can do online multiplayer , but yet again I have been proven wrong . Based on what I played I find it quite entertaining , but a little too difficult and I like my games hard . Still it can be entertaining but could do with a little more fun .

  4.  Great Game


    GTA for KIds I say . Might be a bit challenging for some but still worth it

  5.  I Wanna Rock and Roll all Nite with this Baby!


    Guitar Hero Gold . Lack of Online is unforgivable for such a game . I think they should update GH2 and have it on the Wii Or PS3 With online .

  6.  I Messed up Mum!


    Barely Educational . Too complicated for a baby anyway . This is why we have schools

  7.  Pointless


    You dont need it for the actuall games its just a pointless add on that makes you more likely to knock stuff over . £10 out the window

  8.  The Home of Comedy


    Absoulute Comical Gold we have here . It features tons of clips of the show all bundled up into one disc . Hugh Dennis Will have you saying Shawaddywaddy for all your life after this

  9.  This had me laughing my Socks off


    Comedy at it's finest . It gathers movies from around the past years and turns them into a comical spoof . Funny all the Way

  10.  More Fun With Friends


    I hope you have Siblings because this can get pretty boring pretty quickly if you're on your own . I got this as A freebie in a Mag so I wasn't fussed . But If your planning on getting this make sure you have Siblings . Dont be Motivated now .....