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  1.  Good if you use google to remove screen blur


    I am a bit of a Demons Souls fan so gave this a try on import. What a great game, its huge and although easy to figure out, offers loads of customisation and freedom gotta be one of the best RPG's I ever played. The console versions are plagued with background blur but by entering a few simple commands at the initial game screen you can really improve this and the game is then a pleasure to behold!!! also if you search there are free bonus codes for some free starting armour and weapons etc. Its really deep and great fun. I am reviewing import version and marked down a little due to initial screen blur but the UK release should hopefully cure that..

  2.  If you own a PS3, why miss out on a great perfect exclusive?


    I read a lot of reviews and yes, we all like to knock down the greats, but come on!! this is a chance for the PS3 to shine..why would we knock it? I have played many car games and some previous GT games, I was not interested in prologue version but I took a punt on this (even after some unsure reviews) I'm glad I did, I LOVE IT, the amount of passion and dedication gone into this game ouzes out after just a couple of hours. Its lush, polished and most of all realistic, I am sick to death of car games screaming along at what is equivalent to 400 MPH. This is the real deal, you will compulsively upgrade and improve your cars, you will overtake with the presicion of an F1 driver.. you will appreciate the 5 years of love & sweat that has gone into arguably the best car racing game on any system period. If you own and Xbox you can't play it, if you own a PS3 it would be like self harming not to buy this masterpiece.......

  3.  If you like Resident evli 4????


    Being a huge resi 4 & 5 fan I was excited about this one.
    Graphics are easily the very best I have seen on the psp
    Locastions are varied and spooky and resi like
    There is no slow down and the controls all seem perfect!
    I LOVE IT! I never knew my PSP could do this??!!!!!
    For me , this really shows off the console, a credit to the development team!
    The co-op 2 player option is just a stroke of genius, can;t wait ot play through again with my partner!!
    Get this, you will not regret it.

  4.  Good read, can't put it down


    I read a short excert of this book in shortlist and it grabbed me, having started reading the book I have to say, its excellent!
    These guys choose a career with risk and life threatening missions me being an office worker find it a real eye opener!! they REALLY earn their money thats for sure. The action is captued and portrayed really well, I can see and feel like i'm there with them!! Paul Grahame and crew are clearly legendary and cool under pressure, I'm thankfull they chose to share their experiences with us, this book is a true gem and you will not put it down!!!!

  5.  Almost on Uk shores, released in May all being well


    Well, I could not wait and imported it last year! I got this in November and yes, I am still religiously playing it!!! I have sank hours into this game not because I have to (finished it many times) but becasue i want to. It;s just so playable!! then theres all the player vs player action as you forge the perfect character with the best combination of weapons and armour!!!
    If you liked Resi 4 , monster hunter and RPG's in general, you will fall in LOVE with this game, but be warned, the game will never love you back, it will vaguely tollerate you and not try to befriend you. It will test your patience, fear and skill thresholds to the limits, you will have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and spend hours thinking of ways to improve your skills, (even when you sleep) it will consume you. Oh and when another player invades your game and is there in front of you 1 on 1, wanting to kill you and take your body (and souls) , you will feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins!! the fight may be over in seconds or minutes, but either way you will be back for more, even though you will never really know why you are hooked on this game, you just will be. Enjoy, and be prepared to let the dust settle on ALL your other games for a very long time!! But ONLY if you are up for the challenge and are a competent gamer.

  6.  AWESOME!!!!!


    I have booth PSP 3000 & a go (in white)
    I was initially Never going to get a go. Until I tried a friends, I then bought one the same day!!!!
    Anyone who says they are not good, at least try one first, they are REALLY good.
    So nice to slip in pocket out of the way, light and VERY well built.
    It is an MP3 player,
    Skype phone
    DVD player (downloads or converted films)
    Picture viewer, clock & calender
    Games machine (with PROPER BUTTONS) unlike the Iphone with no buttons
    Has 16 GB (expandable to 32 GB!!!!!)
    Games start at 3.49... I have many that were only about 7.99
    I like my 3000 but if I am going to work or out for the day the Go wins hands down!!!!
    The screen is awesome, picture quality is amazing.
    Ok there is the Dsi but come on!!! DSi for kids PSP for gamers no brainer!!!!!!
    All i'm saying is, don't nock it until you have held and tried one, trust me it is quality open it and look it has metal casing and the smoothest thumstick ever!!!
    for 149.99 its a steal!!!!

  7.  Very good product


    I love the fact that the GO is so small, it fits in the pocket perfectly, smaller than some mobile phones. The great thing about this case is the fact that it protects the GO but without adding any extra bulk to it!! it also has a lovely classy feel and beautiful smell of leather. Sturdy and high quality

  8.  You have to use one before you judge


    I was not intendeing to get one until I used a friends, once you hold one in your hands you will want one. Loads of advantages, no need to take UMD's, wireless (bluetooth) headsets/ skype. really does slip in your pocket, best ever analogue stick!! also until March ,Sony are doing a rewards scheme for existing PSP users where you can get 3 three dowload games!!! (google it) So please try before you knock it, it's like a gadget beamed back from the future!!!!!!

  9.  Gorgeous little gadget, best in its class


    I took the plunge and bought one, I am amazed!! Proper smooth scrolling games!! Pick up games for such bargain prices! I have movies on it, MP3's, SKYPE! I can browse the web (with WIFI)! And the quality of the product is second to none!
    Definite holiday essential item. I can't understand why people would buy any of the other hand held game systems when this is the real deal! It must be down to advertising. Also, so many titles on the horizon, this gadget has got so much potential and the games keep getting better and better. Tip. Buy the original ridge racer game for a few quid, its awesome and so smooth. Even Assassins Creed 2 is due to be released on this, and a new formula 1 game. Google PSP preorders!! Nothing comes close (well a PS3 does, lol)

  10.  The best!!


    I have tried about 4 diff bluetooth headsets, this wins hands down, awesome and absolute bargain at this price AAA+++ people will NOT beleive you are on hands free!! All the extras in the box are worth the purchase price alone!! a beautiful leather clad storage box etc, stop reading and get on ordered. You will not regret it.