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  1.  bond in a sweater vest


    i cant deny this looks an ok game but its just daniel craigs face and his sweater vest that ruins it for me

  2.  bad


    if you like gundam dont buy this, just because its practically a ps2 game and the worst part isnt the graphics which are pretty bad. controls suck, and the gundam tends to be quite slow everything is boring and it just feels liek a 20 year old game all togethor so all in all spend the extra couple of quid and get the dynasty warriors 2 gundam as it had actual gundam wing characters which i dont understand why this game does not, oh and this game only runs at 720 hp :O i was quite annoyed when i started playing and everything was fizzing :/

  3.  dissapointing


    i was really looking foward to this game after hearing about it and loving the first one, but as everyone now knows its stupidly short and its because they are gearing it up for a sequel. i dont understand why they didnt go into it a bit more, i mean dagobah OMG that was a pathetic excuse for a level i was expecting more interaction with yoda i thought he might even train you a bit. but no he says one freakin line.

    do apart from the fact that the story is shorter than yoda its actually pretty good, a bit glitchy now and again but overall quite fun the challenges and costumes and extra cut scenes are worth getting but after that theyres nothing, no online so i would advise renting.

    such a shame, lucas arts have mugged alot of people over, the 3rd one better be alot better and maybe some online, tut

  4.  good enough


    wasnt what i was expecting but still good, would have prefered to see more action with cage, but still worth the buy

  5.  great game, ignore the noobs


    this is a wikd game, online is great if your good at it
    although some patchs have ruined it for me, like downgrading some of the weapons becus its apparently unfair, well now its unfair. some things about it dont make sense and you will be blabbering at the screen thinking what the hell happened.
    but its a competitive game, and you need to be good to survive and if your not dont blame the game!

  6.  good graphics


    reli good visuals probably the best ive possibly ever seen

    game itself is pretty naff and boring tho, sorry!
    didnt have it in me to complete it

  7.  why?


    k i played the demo and was pretty annoyed because its the exact same as tenkaichi 3 on ps2 the graphics might be slightly better but not by much, this is just so lazy and i dont understand why they cant get a bit creative becus its the same gameplay.

    im a fan of the games i have them all and this one i wont be buying

    its gets two stars because of the name

  8.  glitchathon


    welcome to the glitchathon by EA the lazy ones. i told myself i wassnt going to buy this game because of horrible reviews but i did cus i was bored and needed somthing new.

    Well its not bad, the list of cars are very good and they all handle very well and the customisation is not as good as Midnight club but the cars feel alot more realistic.

    another plus was the barriers in races because in midnight club i would have a habiit of taking the wrong turn, getting lost or crashing straight in a wall becasue im looking at the damn radar, this was a fine addition and concentrates more on the racing. The soundtrack is very boring and short i seem to hearing the songs over and over again and you cant change them ahhhhh.

    Finally the glitches, its full of them which is uncommon for racing games as usually they are pollished. But they come in many varietys such as: the black hole, where the track go, and my favourite the 456 mph atomic drop haha, where you fall through the floor.

    the games funnish and has some cool stuff in it, too bad its owned by a lousy company.

    oh and a good glitch, if your car gets impounded as in three strikes, or just the one and you have no money, immidiatly turn of your ps3 amd you will have it returned to you.



    i already wrote a review for this with 4 stars because it is a really good game. But the fact is that atari have decievingly not created a split screen co-op mode, but online co-op which basically is a load of rubbish and a waste of time. Even though on the back of the box on the left where you look to see if it has split screen or not on every game you buy. It says 1-4 players and on the network players it says 2-4 players. This would indicate that it was splitscreen.

    It is in fact not, i was extremly argravated as i was looking for the splitscreen co-op but couldnt find it. I even thought about writing to atari and saying how much of a lie they are, and putting false information on the box.

    still a good game tho

  10.  amazing


    It is once great to play a game with huge hype that lives up the hype, only a few flaws and dissapointment no split screen so it immidiatly not a cod killer, no co-op, and a very old control system not up to date at all and it can be very frustrating on hard and up difficulty when your trying to nail about 10 dudes. So they shud make a patch for that.

    But other than that graphics best ever, and the gameplay is so fulfilling and the multiplayer is good enough not cod standard but good enough they mearly need to make more challenges to make it interesting or a new weapons patch

    If you have a ps3 buy this game, your ps3 deserves it