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  1. inFamous



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     Brilliant fun!


    Played the demo and this game is amazing.

    Its large scale of open world and the attention to detail is impeccable.
    The graphics are superb for a game of its kind, and the best thing about this title is its funand its controls are perfect, they are fluid and seemless never once do you wish you could change them.

    The demo takes you through 3 stages 1 mission as a hero 1 balanced and 1 anti hero. I personally like the red lightning more appealing and prefere being infamous lol.

    The two choices reflect in how the world changes be INFAMOUS and the city will grow dark and pedestrians will react un kindly towards you and the clouds shall darken and you shall raise hell on empire city.

    choose to be a hero and the world will become a much better place with the people of empire city helping you and praising you.

    Along with this when you choose either 1 or the other you go down two different paths for skills and powers, be a hero and your power will be more definitive and precise so like shooting what you could say sniper... zoom in and slow down time with a bolt for a precise head shot. Be INFAMOUS and your powers will do great damage and be more catastrophic.

    The game is a true gem!

  2.  Spectactular


    Very good story and twist in the end which you near the end come to have inklings whats going on but it hits you hard. Very good ending and very emotional film. I find this film not talked about enough or him given enough credit for his performance in this, far better than pursuit of happiness(also great). Exceptional film viewing and highly rated.

  3.  Good but falls short of great. (comfort)


    The headset is well supported with a neat little HUD when you connect and disconnect displaying volume levels and mute on or off and so on. The charging dock is very conveniant and saves having to keep opening the usb slot which is optional in case you ever misplace you dock.
    My problem with this headset is its ear piece is either to hard or to large it really hurts my ears especially now the rubber part has come off. I do ignore it now and have got used to it but me and my freind agreed it is more than a nuisance.

  4.  Amazing Film!!


    Ok so i somewhat agree to the other review the ending is a little loose, but its sets up for like he said a sequel. Me i found myself to enjoy this just as much as snatch/lock stock. This fim was hilarious at times and i was suprised how good the film was. Wasnt expecting much from it atall. But my most anticapted film on blu ray just to wait for its release, which seems ages away :s. Dark knight is already out why is this taking so long.