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     Great read


    I dont understand why nobody has written any reviews for this great book yet.
    I got it on audiobook ages ago, and was delighted with how original and clever it was. A fairly average "zombie apocalypse" story has been twisted into something very new.
    The actual zombie plague takes a slight backseat to the main story, which is media and politics in this post-apocalypse world.
    Taking place some 20-odd years after the infection first spread, this shows how life COULD go on for the survivors trying to keep society together.
    The only drawback is the lead characters idealistic views about freedom of the press, even if it endangers people. Very slight criticism though, as the book is very well written, with a clever, witty and deep story full of likable characters and memorable events.

  2.  Wow! Just.. well.. just bloody WOW!


    Like a more linear, story-driven stalker, with better, more detailed graphics, incredible and clever weapons (like having to manually pump pneumatic home made weapons that fire static electric bolts), very tough gameplay, and great atmosphere.
    It really is the atmosphere and clever weapons and gameplay that set this game apart. Stealth (I find) is a little broken, as if you are even close to spotted by one enemy, even if they dont fire a shot or get off any kind of verbal warning before you drop them (SILENTLY), all other enemy in the area know not only what happened, but where it happened, how it happened, and exactly where you are at any given second.
    Dont get me wrong, when the stealth DOES work, which just takes incredible patience, and no even tiny mistakes, then it is incredibly satisfying to sneak through an enemy camp, either taking them out with throwing knives, or even leaving them alive none the wiser for your visit. One section in particular is very tough, but if you do manage to sneak through it rather than go through guns blazing (always a bad idea in this game, as ammo is scarce, and health goes down FAST), you feel such a sense of accomplishment, I cant even think of a game that comes close to that. Even splinter cell at its best doesnt have that sense of tension and fear of being discovered than this does at every turn when you are trying to stealth a section.
    The voice acting is great, thought I recommend putting on the english subtitles and letting the russian language take over for the total immersion experience, the story ok (good for games, which usually suck more than anything), audio fabulous, and basically everything more or less spot on.
    Its even a fairly long game by modern standards, taking about 12-15 hours to complete, especially if you really go through the game taking in all the bits of extra story you can get from listening to people talking in the various metro stations you come to.
    All I can say really is.. WOW!
    What a game. Came from nowhere, with little fanfare, from an unknown dev studio (with some of the stalker team there, which really stands out at times), and almost no advertising. How this game wasnt huge I will never know. The only thing I can think is that its because it wasnt huge on the consoles, because it would be too difficult on consoles because of the controls and lack of immersion, it didnt get the hype of some of the other games out there that arent even a tenth as good, and so wasnt noticed by many people. But I love it, no matter what.
    At the price, this is my most recommended game for sale on play at the moment. Nothing else I have seen comes even close to this for value for money. Incredible, just incredible.
    If you love games, and have six quid spare, you would be crazy to not buy this amazing game RIGHT NOW!!
    P.S., the reason it has four stars instead of five, after the great things I said, is because of the broken stealth I mentioned, and occasional difficulty spikes (very occasional, but once or twice noticable and annoying). Other than that this would be four and half or five stars all day long.

  3.  What needs saying? It's STALKER, ffs


    If you are a fan of the other games, you WILL love this one. It has everything the others did (minus the rubbish faction wars atrocity from clear sky) and more things as well.
    I gave this four stars, but only because I couldnt give it four and a half.
    Its not got the originality of the first game, or it would get five stars. It is, however, much better than clear sky, or it would have gotten only three stars (well, three and a half).
    New graphics look very nice, while keeping the signature STALKER look, enemy AI is better now (and it was already quite impressive most of the time), and the annoying grenades from clear sky have been toned down. They still throw them, but its much easier to get out of the way, and they dont throw them ALL the time, and with incredible accuracy as they did before. Also, when an enemy is about to throw one, you usually hear him shout to his buddies, "grenade out", or whatever, and you can see the throw animation a mile away. So if you have a decent weapon, you can kill him after he pulls the pin, but before he throws it, causing chaos amongst his ranks, heheheheh.
    All in all, a major improvement over the last game (which was still quite good, I thought), but not as good as the original.
    if youre a fan, you MUST buy this game, especially at 17.99 for the special edition.
    But, saying that, I havent seen a "regular" edition version anywhere. The art cards are beautiful, but you get only four, and the map is great, with hand written (in Russian) notes at some locations, and a nice large regular case to hold them all.
    Oh, and the soundtrack, if you're into that kind of thing, which I am not.
    Have fun in the zone, people, you will need a lot of luck, and a great deal of skill, to survive this trip through the Ukiranian irradiated wasteland, what with the new monsters, improved A-Life programming, and new attacks for the old monsters.
    Well, dont stand there, come in.

  4.  Have the BETA...


    I have this game on pre-order here, and am currently playing the BETA, and it shows a lot of promise.
    I wont cancel my order, but I think it will either end up being put back a month or six, or will take quite a few patches until it is completely ready to take on the top online shooters.
    The weapons are very good, as are vehicles, but accuracy, lag, and many many glitches make me wonder how they could even release a BETA in the condition like this.
    I have actually given up playing for a few days until they come up with a patch or two to make it more stable.
    For the first two days of BETA play, it was almost impossible to even get the game to connect to a server, and if you did, it was unplayably laggy (which was good really, as the game would crash to desktop within a few minutes anyway).
    When you consider buying this, pre-order, and try the BETA, you can always cancel your order if it isnt your cup of tea. The fact that they are confident enough that people will enjoy the game speaks volumes, and I am sure that in time their confidence will pay off. But right now, I am VERY skeptical about wether or not this game will be even close to bug free in the time they have left.
    If it IS, then this game will be AWESOME. If not, then buy it when they have patched it up a bit.
    If I was to give a score on this game NOW, it would be a lowly 3 stars (and only because you cant give it 2.5), but to score this game when it is bug free and fully functional; 4-5 stars easily, I think.

  5.  fear 2 sp demo only


    It seems no-one else has mentioned it, so i will;
    This demo is awesome, but fans of the original game will find the combat (unless changed for the full version) far too easy, even on the hardest difficulty setting.
    Framerate fantastic, especially for how nice the game looks, on my mid-range system, and the scares are terrific, from what i saw in this demo (which is quite short, obviously).
    Alma is as terrifying as ever, and the "battle chatter" of the enemies still very engaging, showing you that they are thinking, and moving according to what you do and where you go.
    I expect this game will be just about as good as the first one, but the combat could do with being a bit harder. I seem to remember the first one being much harder than this, and the enemies much tougher to kill, as well as my character being much more vulnerable. It seems you can take a fair bit of damage. The only time i died was when i was crushed (i wont ruin by what, or how).
    Ui is also a bit off, being made primarily for consoles, which really annoys me. Big glowing things in my hud shoing that a gun can be picked up for ammo are unnecessary, but i saw no option for turning this off, or even making the icons smaller. This is a tiny gripe however, and easily forgivable, as the game itself looks amazing so far.
    This will be a game i wont mind shelling out full price for.