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  1.  Great quality & value


    This T-Shirt is a real head turner. The print has a good contrast and doesn't feel too weighty.
    It feels comfortable as its 100% cotton and is a generous fit. I have had a lot of positive comments about it from classmates, and for a fiver, you can't beat the value!

  2.  A good shooter, a little hard to get into


    SOCOM is a good 3rd person shooter, and has a different feel to it than many other shooters. It requires a lot of team work, and can be very difficult.

    The bad thing is, unless you are in a clan, there is not much teamwork, dispite the number of people with mics. The game can also be quite slow paced and irritable due to sniper veterans camping on the other side of a vast city. Also, you have to do a large amount of work just for bronze trophies... (harder to get trophies on this game than COD4! xD ).
    It is also let down slightly by the lack of a single player campaign.

    Multiplayer games can become a little slow paced as you cannot respawn in ranked games, which can get tiresome. However, there are many unranked games in which you can practice on.
    The good thing about this game, is that you get to meet different people, join clans and then it becomes a lot more fun, when you are working together and usually joking around.

    This is somewhat more realistic shooter, and there is a good sense of achievement with every kill. Worth it for the money.

  3.  Brilliant!


    These controllers really do bring the games to life, and bring a more fun experience. I've only tested it with SOCOM Confrontation so far, you can feel the rythm of the running, the heart pulsating on low health, and of course, the increasingly violent shake when letting loose like Rambo with an M60! It makes it a lot more fun! Puts a smile on your face.

  4.  A good Add-On for the controllers


    I use the dome shaped caps, as they give a little more grip and are quite comfortable. They are good for protecting the analogue sticks from any crap that can get on them.
    I think the larger caps are too big, and feel a bit weird due to 4 knobbly bits in a square shape, in the centre.

    Overall, a nice little add on for the controller. Good for hardcore players.

  5.  Very funny, ideal gift


    This is really funny, a perfect gift and only £5! There are many phrases, all of which you can relate to!

  6.  Demo Review


    (From a long time Ace Combat Fan)

    This game is not so dissimiliar from the Ace Combat series, although there are a few things that annoy, such as the ability to fly in 'no assistance' mode, which puts you in 3rd person and allows you to do 'drifts' and makes the whole game somehow feel like a 2D platformer. Luckily, you can still fly in 1st person.

    Although, the in cockpit view does not have the Heads Up Display (you have this in 1st person view...) which just makes it unnecassarily less realistic than it could be...
    The graphics of the planes are brilliant, however the ground looks like something from google images with cubes sticking out of it.
    The controls cannot be customized very much on the demo, hopefully more options on the full game (I think L2/R2 is more natural as the Yaw rather than L1/R2)

    So why the 4 stars?
    The shear velocity of the dog fights is a lot better than Ace Combat. The AI planes seem to be a lot more varied and the explosions are awe inspiring. It is by far one of the most thrilling experiences, winding through the air, explosions and bullets in your periphiral vision, lock on bleeping, people on comms panicking... brilliant!

    A brilliant game for all those who enjoyed the AC series.

  7.  Very funny, a must have


    This book is brilliant for the Japanese language enthusiasts! It covers a LOT of thing and is definately worth buying - even if it is just to call your friends stupid names in Japanese :P (not that one would do such things)...
    Contains a lot of useful slang and alternatives that you would use rather than the textbook japanese.

  8.  Excellent earphones!


    I bought these to replace the noise cancelling earphones that come with the Sony nw-a805 (which were very good, but the small extension lead broke). These are just as loud and look VERY nice. Quite comfortable to wear with or without the spongy covers you get with them, I have wore them for over 8 hours straight without any problems!
    There were alternative sony earphones for £6.49 but these look a lot better. Sound quality is good at volume and they have yet to let me down. Overall, amazing value earphones.

  9.  Very Good


    These are good quality cards, I have had them for 8 months now and they have survived college, unlike cheaper playing cards.
    A very simple system for reading what cards they are, and it is discreet enough not to draw attention to the marks.

    At £5 the price is quite steep for a pack of cards, so not brilliant value, hence 4 stars.

  10.  Arguably the best game on PS3.


    This arrived in the morning of the day of release, and after thanking the postman profoundly, it was time to see what all the hype was about.

    The good:
    - The best physics engine i have witnessed in a game! Every crash, every scrape, every run down pedestrian has a different feel, a spectacular consequence. It is unlike any other game, you have to play to be able to experience the magical euphoria engine.
    - The story is immersive and the missions funny and diverse. Gta fans might recognize some of the mission types, but overall, there is a lot to laugh about and the gta humour has gone amidst.
    - Special edition comes with some very nice goodies, and even better, it is now only £50!

    There really is too much to list.

    The bad:

    - Multiplayer- you can only talk to people by phoning them! This is bad, as you can't call multiple friends.
    - There was a lot of hype that did not turn out to be true. For example, you cannot hang on to vehicles, you cannot store things in the boot of your car etc. There was also a lot of anger at there being no planes! Although there are helicopters. Only 2 though. 3 Variations on the maverick, and the annihilator. The miniguns on the annihilator are less powerful against vehicles than a pistol. Where is the bloomin hunter and rhino?!?!

    There are a lot of good things missing on gtaiv, that san andreas had, such as being able to ride on top of cars without falling off, and the countryside. However, there is so much more improvements than any previous gta games. So much has been put into the detail. That is what makes this game so brilliant.

    The gta iv special edition does justice to this monumental game! If you have a ps3, this game is a must have!