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  1.  My first Android phone blows away my Nokia N97 mini.


    I'm a teen who usually sends about 50 to 60 texts a day, and I can say that this phone has never let me down at all. The keyboard feels quite satisfying, although it does require more push than it does on my Nokia, it's a 4 row (a bonus compared to my Nokia's 3 row keyboard ) The threaded SMS is beautiful!

    The screen is big and great, it does have Gorilla Glass display (as confirmed on GSM Arena ), practically speaking, it is unscratchable, unshatterable, completely withstanding type of glass used as a protective window.

    The feel and build quality is outstanding, a rubber matte feel and aluminium casing all around, I love the fact it has a dedicated sliding button to release the aluminium battery cover, making it easy to either switch batteries and memory cards from time to time. This also prevents the metal cover from being bent by accident, although it is quite sturdy, and not thin and flimsy at all.

    As for the battery usage, you can easily reduce battery usage. Do the following:
    Go into "Settings" and "Wireless & networks" then scroll down and untick the "Mobile network". Job done.

    Doing so would stop any apps from accessing the internet in the background or foreground regardless of what you're doing. Also put your brightness to automatically adjusted. this will help too.

    There's also convenient HTC widget for toggling this as well as your other wireless connections (i.e WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), you will find this through "Widgets" then "Settings" then "Network dashboard" something along those lines.
    Presto! You can instantly allow constant internet connection in just as few as two presses! (Providing that you've put the widget in main homescreen)

    As far as the hinge goes, I have not had any problems or issues with it. I'll admit the hinge is quite weak compared to my N97 mini, but nonetheless the hinge is still strong and not breakable unless you do something out of the ordinary.

    The optical trackpad is an added convenience, it does come in handy at times, but isn't used on a daily basis. It does help to correctly select a link without having to zoom-in completely.

    The camera of this phone is probably one of it's downfalls when compared to my N97 mini's camera, pictures aren't always sharp or clear, the slightest shake or movement while hitting the shutter button will completely distort the image. Hence I would have to re-take some photos before seeing any good results. With my Nokia it was simply a matter of having the correct distance for the autofocus to work then press the shutter button, it would give me a perfectly clear, vibrant and sharp image. Apparently the Desire Z loses in this case.

    One of my main reasons for buying this is the HTCSense.com facility to backup, remotely wipe data, track and locate, call it from a silent profile to a loud one. This doesn't work out of the box, you have to register and also allow this feature on your phone.

    As for parents of teens, this track and locate feature would come in handy, as long as your teen does not know about this feature and then deactivates it from the phone.

    Overall having this phone as my 19th B'Day present was great for me, despite dual-core phones are coming out, I have rooted my phone and overclocked it (it can go from 800MHz to 1.4GHz!), this is so it can keep up with future higher power demand from apps and other uses to come in the two years I have this phone for. I'm on 24 month contract.

  2.  Got pulled up by the Police! Puts a smile on every face! =P


    + Good quality, show minimal wear and tear over a prolonged use of top
    +Print is of strong quality, still no signs of peeling after ten washes
    +Wore it to town, I may have people's eyes but once they got the joke they laughed and moved on, leaving with a smile on their face!
    + Good to wear at fun parties, wore it my friend's party had everyone laughing there!

    - Once it does start to show signs of wearing out, usually by the sight of loose threads sticking out from the bottom sides of it.
    - Sometimes its best not to wear this where some people just can't take the joke, got pulled up by the Police after an old woman "jumped" just after she saw the only word "BOMB" and called them, when I explained to the police about the shirt, they thankfully understood me and let me go, but warned me not to wear it in some areas as it could cause some serious problems, and they also told the woman to be more careful when suspecting such things.
    - Play.com took a full six days to get this delievered to me even although it was dispatch on a Saturday morning, go it on thursday, I expected to have it in max. 4 days

  3.  Do not buy this if you plan to use it with blutooth headsets


    Here's a breakdown of my review:
    + Easy and simple to install after using the CD and changing the Bluetooth settings to allow it to be recognised at all times
    + Picks up bluetooth devices easily
    + Decent data transfer speeds when transferring from/to a mobile phone

    Now for my disappointment:
    - Does not support A2DP, meaning that it does not support audio streaming via Bluetooth headsets (like my Sony DR-BT21G)
    - A2DP is now meant to be a standard for all Bluetooth dongles
    - Also I am surprised at Belkin's attempt in making a bluetooth dongle due to the fact it is a respectable manufacturer
    - Wasted about £7 on this and now I can't return it. Grrrrr........
    - I'm now stuck with a "cheap-shot" Bluetooth dongle

    In conclusion I give this product a generous two-star rating.

  4.  @ fanny90


    Ever heard of a 1 year manufacturer's warranty?

    (NB: I voted 4 stars to not affect the product rating)