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  1.  PlayStation 3: Worth the money?


    The PS3 while being the most talked about console on the market, both positively and negatively, is also by far the most expensive. So, is it worth it?

    Well when I got my PS3 on launch day courtesy of Play.com, I was so excited. I had high hopes for a truly fantastic gaming system. I hooked it up to my less than satisfactory 15" SDTV and played MotorStorm. What a game, even in SD it looks amazing and while it loses its charm in the later stages, the online play just has you coming right back. Resistance is the same but you should really get some pratice in before heading onto the servers.

    Now, where the 360 has a big lead over its competitors is in terms of Xbox Live. The trouble is you have to pay. The PlayStation Network, much like XBL, is free and easy to use, admittedly their aren't the more complex features that you get on the 360, like the ability to dip into XBL at the touch of a button, ingame. However, for a free service PSN does exactly what it says on the tin: offers a quick download service and creates a whole new world for you to play online. It does have an advantage over the 360's online service with the inclusion of a full internet browser which has never failed me. With the release of Home later in the year, the PSN will become more than just a download and play service.

    Blu-ray, apart from the glorious graphics, shiny design (it'll almost blind you when you get it out the box)and most powerful console in the world credentials, is the PS3's main selling point. On an HDTV it looks amazing, with colours being presented more vibrantly and action flowing better than on DVD. HD-DVD (and I have seen both in action) looks pale in comparison. Seeing as it comes with a Blu-ray player built in, (regular price £400 - £990. Is it so expensive now?) you don't need to buy an add on, like with the 360's HD-DVD drive. Furthermore, Blu-ray has more studio support and is outselling HD-DVDs 3:1.

    The PS3 is an outstanding console. Admittedly after 2 days I began to wonder how much more enjoyment I could get out of it but then after downloading a few games, I had another month of fun ahead of me at least. With game prices falling all the time I should add a few more to my collection before the PS3 negativity ends. You may think that the console is too expensive but a Wii is £170 and by the time they go back on sale without being snapped up within 2 minutes, you'd have saved enough to buy a PS3. Besides the Wii is more of a child's plaything that likes Japan too much and after Mario comes out, it's all quiet on the release front. I admit it is a fantastic console and deserves all of the praise it's getting but the novelty wears off after a while. As for the 360 let me put it like this:
    Xbox 360 console premium £280 (Elite £400)
    HD-DVD add on (£130)
    3 Games (£100-£120)
    Mimimum Total : £510
    PS3 + 3 games and extras £499.99 on Play.

    Yes the 360 is still a good console but it merely bridged the gap between the arrival of the fun Wii and more powerful PS3. Let me put it in car terms, the Wii is a Lamborghini, a hell of a lot of fun but the fun will stop when you crash it. The 360 is a Ferrari, fast and visually pleasing but you are buying the badge not the car. The PS3 is a Bugatti Veyron, Hugely expensive but hugely powerful and everyone would have one if it was just reduced by £800,000. If you still don't want a PS3 buy a Wii, they are more fun than a 360 but if you can afford a PS3 get one, it could just be bargain of the century.