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  1.  A BIG let down to the scream franchise


    I was so excited to see this film but it really didnt live up to my expectations. The first three films managed to be funny and serious at the same time, this scream just didnt take it self seriously, and made a bit of a mockery of the whole scream franchise. It didnt scare and didnt surprise, and the atmosphere just wasnt there, its more like its part of the scary movie films.

  2.  Don't bother


    what a disappointment! Talk about cashing in on a franchise. I wasted good money on this rubbish, dont do the same. some of the acting was bad, when people saw an alien they did not seem that bothered, i mean you wouldn't be would you, lol.

  3.  Page turner


    This book was recommended to me by a friend. They were like you have to read it so I thought ok I will. I read it in about a week which is quick for me because I usually get bored or can't be bothered but this book was a page turner. It kept wanting to read more and more. My friend has read many books by Harlem Coben and says that they are all good. Gone for good is another book by Harlan Ciben and i am told it is one of his best so thats next on my list to read. Seriously though read the woods,and find out what secrets it hides.

  4.  Disturbingly good........


    Ok so this film is not going to win any major awards but its one of them films that you can just watch. Shia LaBeouf who plays Kale is a shining young star, he makes the film fresh and exciting. I've watched this film twice now and I still enjoyed it. If your looking to have a night in, chill out in front the tv then this is for you. I wouldn't call this a horror film at all, more of a thriller. Just enjoy the ride. Definately worth a look.

  5.  Enchanted - yeh I was


    This is great film for the kids and grown ups alike. It starts off in the animated world and then characters enter the real world which obviously is all new to them. The leading lady in the film is great fun, plays her part really well. I must admit that I expected more chaos when fantasy and the real world collided. Bit of a disappointing ending but overall a good disney film. Give it a go and see if it can enchant you.

  6.  Funny and incredible


    I was forced to watch this by my girlfriend and some mates and it did not disappoint. Look out for a character called edna,shes so funny. And check out Jack-Jack Attack on disk 2, had us laughing. Add it to your collection. Must see

  7.  Wow


    This is one of the best horror films I have seen in a long time. It had me gripped. Certain parts of the film were quite hard to watch and frigtening but if you like your horror movies this is a must see.

  8.  Average film


    I watched this film with my girlfriend and a mate who had read the book. The film was mediocre, my girlfriend thought it could have been more emotional, it didn't make her want to cry. Theres a dead boyfriend and letters from him after he dies, still she didn't want to cry. Im told that you should read the book, loads better. I would not reccommend buying it, wait for it to appear in the bargain bin, it wont be long. Ps this film is not worth loving

  9.  The best tv drama ever!


    I never watched this when it started on channel five but one of my friends was like its brilliant you really have to watch it. So I went out and bought season 1 and from the very first episode I was hooked. I got my girlfriend to watch it with me and she loved it too. We would sit there some nights and watch episode after episode, it was that additive. Every episode seemed to end with a cliff hanger. Obviously having watched the first season I had to buy the second, I was not disappointed. It carried on with the edge of your seat drama. Overall its an excellent series, perfect escapism tv. I have just bought season 3 and can't wait to watch it. Seriously though prison break is a must see. Buy it now, you wont be disappointed.

  10.  Halloween not as


    This film starts off well. It gives you a good back story of little Micheal Myers. The language starts of strong and appears quite violent however this does not last long. I expected more from the film. I though it would be more frightening and there would be loads of blood and gore. Not bad for a remake but it could have been better. In this case the original is best. Good try Rob Zombie, didn't quite cut it though.