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  1.  Good product.


    I am yet to play it, but the contents are good.
    The art cards do not look as high quality as those in Duodecim though, much thinner.
    Got the screen cloth, which looks really nice.
    3 games in one disc, Final Fantasy IV, Interlude and The After Years all in the same disc.
    Booklet gives instructions and hints to new players, which is very useful.
    A nice product to have.

  2.  Awesome!


    In general, the game is awesome.
    Has been a while since I have been addicted to a game.
    A Parasite Eve spin off, but as you can see, the title does not have Parasite Eve in, so do not expect it to be similar to or related to Parasite Eve, except for the recurring characters. If you do, you will not enjoy the game as much as you could do.
    Hardback book is of great quality, lithograph prints are amazing too.
    A code for the Aya Brea costume to use in Duodecim is available.

    It should be noted that, if you like to complete games fully, i.e. 100%, everything unlocked, completed etc, at the time this review is written, I am not so sure if you can do so. Many unlock-able items still have no confirmation on methods to unlock them (in the PAL version).
    e.g. The Lightning costume for Aya, the OD suit are items that are definitely in the game, as I believe some files created by people can unlock them, but legit (gameplay) methods are yet to be confirmed for the PAL version. Many methods apply to the Japanese version and no one has confirmed if they work for the PAL versions or not.

  3.  Great game!


    Great game, but not as good as I expected.
    New characters, new abilities, new maps, and an Assist mode, all good.
    The biggest improvement must be the AI, as enemies are now harder than they were at the same difficulty level.

    Many system tweaks, and personally, I think the most annoying one is how Chase works now compared to how it was before, in Dissidia.
    Ex Mode bar fills up a lot slower, both good and bad, good because in player vs player, people cannot rely on it as much, bad because it makes fighting more difficult enemies to grind equipment (in Dissidia, getting the Genji set and Lufenian set was very difficult as it was), more difficult than it already was (even without the Assist function).

    The worst news to find out is that, the Assist only character, Aeris (of if you prefer, Aerith), can only be obtained if you have bought Duodecim Prologus, meaning that people who cannot purchase from the PSN store, cannot FULLY unlock/obtain all the characters, which is quite demotivating (to me at least).

    In all honesty, the game is great, but not as good as I had hoped for, and in all fairness, the new characters and maps are not that good (or maybe I am just not used to them?).

    I have studied Computer Games Programming at university before, and from this perspective, I can say that Square Enix has been quite lazy with this game; too few new features, most were just updates and improvements (which do not take a very long time to do, if you are an experienced games developer).
    The game feels more like an update/patch rather than a new game.

    If I had to rank the games in order from the Dissidia line, I would say the best is the Japanese version of Dissidia, then the English version of Dissidia (had some annoying changes/tweaks), and then Duodecim (just fewer new things than I expected), and even though with that said, Duodecim is still a great game, I would have still bought it knowing all that (maybe because I am a fan of the FF line?) and I would recommend getting it.

  4.  Pretty good.


    Bought two of these, both pretty much the same, the only flaws I've realised is that some small minor colour problems, such as where the collar and skin meets, some minor errors.
    The most noticeable colour downfall is the chest, around where the tie is, it looks like she got sunburnt. I've never played Street Fighter IV, so I'm not sure if it's meant to be like that or not, but from images, it doesn't seem so.
    None the less, it's a pretty good figure.

  5.  Great!


    Beautiful guide!
    Amazing condition!
    Highly recommended, seeing as it's a one-print, numbered, Limited Edition guide.

  6.  Amazing!


    I've never previously played a God Of War game before, and this is really good. The only downfall I see is the camera angle.
    Not being able to change the camera angle makes it quite difficult to guess your position from the enemy at times, but that's just a small fraction.
    Overall, excellent game.

  7.  Pretty good.


    Although I pre-ordered it. It was sold out when it was finally released. I can only blame myself for cancelling an earlier order.
    None the less, the game is pretty good, some changes from the Japanese version, the way you unlock stuff, names, moves, and the probability of gaining an item from an enemy.
    I got the pre-order poster too, A1 poster, very nice, though some areas showed some slight creases.
    Overall, good product.

  8.  Different contents......


    Ordered 31/08, posted 01/09, arrived 02/09. Yet some orders placed earlier still have not arrived, I do wonder how the delivery works.
    Unlike the review below, my contents are different. I only got a sample pack with this, which contains 10 sheets of multi-use paper and 5 sheets of regular size photo paper.
    I guess the contents have changed since that review was made.
    Scanner is pretty good, can scan up to 1200 dots per inch, which takes some time, 300 dpi is very fast, a matter of seconds.
    Cheap ink as said really which is my main criteria, so this is good I guess.
    Note: This is compatible with Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4.11 and does NOT come with the USB cable needed to connect to the computer.

  9.  Not too bad.


    6 days delivery, not the usual Play, but I don't mind.
    Original box, however was not as good as the Tifa one I got not too long ago. Box is slightly creased in many places.
    Nevertheless, it's quite good, got it at a cheap price too.

  10.  AMAZING!


    For £6.99, I got this amazing figure.
    Box wasn't even scathed at all. Figure as I expected.
    Well worth it. Get it while it's still running cheap!