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    Well,if its high octane,explosive action that you're after and hilarious witty banter,look no further than the rock! Sean connery,nicholas cage and ed harris star in this huge blockbuster hit of the 90's.sean connery plays a man who once escaped alcatraz,but now has 2 break back in 2 stop psychotic ed harris and his team of men(equally psychotic!) from setting off rockets armed wiv deadly vx nervegas ova san fransisco.connery and cage work perfect 2geva,the action is fast and furious(check out the car chase between connery and cage),and the witty banter is superb,especially in the scene underneath alcatraz where connery is hanging upside down,and cage stupidly asks him if he is alrite?:-)so,if ur a fan of action films,check this 1 out,ur bound 2 b riveted 2 your seat!:-)



    I realy must say how much i have enjoyed watching smallville over the past few years.ive got all the boxsets of this show,and it just gets better and better! Tom welling makes the perfect clark kent,as does micheal rosenbaum makes a good lex.its been going strong since 2001,and i hope it goes a lot longer.if u have never seen this show,watch it from season 1,coz they do carry on.and as for all the avid smallville fans like me,season 8 starts on the 11th of n0vember 2008 on e4!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!! Go get 'em clark!!!!!! :-)

  3.  a no-brainer...but in a good way!


    leave all the brains for the zombies taking,as you know for a definate fact what youre going to get with this fantastic slice of classic 80's zombie horror!its non-stop zombie fun as clu gulager,james karen and thom mathews battle to stay alive (and in one piece!)in what has to b one of the most outragous zombie flicks of all time!check out parts 2 and 3 if u can,theyre good 2,but dont know about 4 &£.

  4.  a new breed of terror!


    based on a novel by Dean R.Koontz,this is quite a good film.being a fan of Corey Haim,i enjoyed it.he stars as Travis Cornell,a boy whos girlfriend and her father gets attacked by some beast which is part of some secret experiment.also on the loose is a golden retriever dog,who Travis befriends and takes in,not knowing that the dog and the beast are telepathically linked.there is a good storyline here and some good acting,especially from dvds favourite badman Micheal Ironside,,who plays Lem Johnson,an agent working for the NSO.there are also some comic moments to be had(check out the sex mad Australian serviceman fixing Mrs.Cornells tumble dryer:("im checking out her appliances,if you know what i mean,mate?")all in all,if u want a movie which u can easily get into,not take too seriously,and have the odd laugh at,check this 1 out,youre bound to enjoy it.:-)e



    if youre after a scary ride,then purchase this film...you wont regret it! I managed to get the 2 disc edition of this film for £6 a couple of years ago & i wasnt disappointed!(and if u like out-takes,check these out)the film centres around a group of girls who go caving together.once in the caves,everything seems fine,until they come to realise that they are being hunted down by a race of fearless,superhuman predators!say no more!ENJOY!:-)

  6.  fangtastic vampire mini-series!


    its time to lock the doors & windows,turn off the lights,sit back & relax(IF YOU CAN!)and get ready to view 1 cracking vampire horror from the master of the macabre,stephen king!tobe hooper directs with panache,giving david soul the role of his career.i remember watching this as a child & i found it to be realy spooky,especially when 1 Of your cousins shouts BOO!,when the vampire boy knocks at the window(what i called her 4 doing that defys definition!)LOL! if u like vampire movies like me,then ur gonna LOVE this!the effects for 1979 r good(check out those flares!)although its ova 3 hours long,as with all stephen kings mini-series,stick with it and youre guarenteed 2 enjoy!perfect tv fodder 4 1 Of those nights in with the lads(or ladies!)

  7.  a fair enough re-make of a classic horror.


    the be honest with you,i never knew they had re-made the fog until i see it advertised on tv a few years ago.i still remember those words:"the fog.on dvd from monday!"and i sat there,mouth wide open,thinking:"eh?whats this about?"i paid full price 4 this dvd a few years ago & im glad i did.there are a few changes in this from the original one,for instance:ELIZABETH is a boat in the first one,but human in the re-make.hmmmm?all in all,the acting is pretty good,a decent storyline and some decent CGI effects,which actually make it a pretty good nights viewing 4 a weekend.by the way,if u watch at the very start when the columbia tri-star logo comes up,listen to the piano music..its very soothing & relaxing(and quite catchy).



    i dont know what it is about this film,but i find it so addictive!the fog effects may seem a little cheap compared 2 2days CGI standards,but i think the use of the fog machines make the feel of the film more tense and eerie.the way the fog envelopes the island on the set pieces makes you have that gut-wrenching feeling of whats going to come through it next.definately 1 to watch with the lights off!



    Some people i know found this film to be crap,but in my opinion,i thought it was great!who said us Brits werent good at making cracking horror films that make u jump out of your seat with fright?and we dont need 2 cram it full of CGI to have that effect either!28 days made me jump up from my seat quite a few times(and im not the type of guy who scares easily!)and the make up 4 this film reminds me of the days of the earlier zombie films(george a.romero's 'day of the dead',etc)also,what happens in this film will make u think to yourself'what if this really happened?'never say never,right?anyway,if u want a film to share with a loved one with the lights off and to make u jump(you have been warned!)this is for you!

  10.  FREDDY'S BACK...and thank god for that!


    regardless of what rating some people give this film,i think its great!im a big fan of freddy(although i do agree they should of left it at 3!),and a sequal to the 1st film was sure to make its way to the big screen.there are many reasons i like this film: 1)it deals with sexual issues superbly(Mark Patton,who plays Jesse,is homesexual in real life) 2)the acting is very good(especially Mark Patton,who brings depth and emotion to his role,)and great acting from everyone else too.and i also like the toilet humour in scene 6,biology lessons.this always raises a smile on my face,whatever mood im in.all in all,i personaly think its a great addition to the nightmare saga.(by the way,new nightmare is cool as well!)3 cheers for Freddy! Hip hip....