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  1.  You won't be able to put it down!


    If you've read the first of the trilogy then you'll already know how addictive it is. I finished the first desperate to read the second immediately. And this did not let me down, it was action packed, and with Collins usual but excellent way of putting serious undertones into an intensely exciting book. I did worry that with the Hunger Games over then the plot would be restricted, but how wrong was I? (Very) You won't be disappointed, so buy it!

  2.  Addictive! A must read


    I finished this novel last night after reading for less than two days. From the beginning the book is addictive and immediately you get a feel of the scene that Collins is setting. To begin with the conditions in which the protagonist Katniss lives in feels somewhat Victorian, with the mines, state of starvation and the cruelty of their District 12, and yet it's a contradiction, because this is set in a post- apocalyptic earth where North America is now Panem. Katniss is put into the Hunger Games something that resembles the Gladiator Games but seemingly more brutal by playing off teenagers (one as young as 12) to fight to death in an arena that is the wilderness itself. It has tones of a serious novel, and its written well and cleverly, Collins is exceptionally skilled in the way that she keeps readers nerves jingling throughout the novel.

  3.  Excellent finish to a great trilogy


    Philip Pullman has a talent for telling stories with a social message and with morals and insight. The final novel in His Dark Materials Trilogy is thought provoking if you read into the messages it gives but mostly it's good addictive fantasy fun. We get a lot of answers in the third and a lot more action than the last.

  4.  a perfect family movie


    I watched this film in my childhood, and it's defiantly a family favourite. Focusing on a more innocent time, the railway children are all likeable and with a great plot to go with it, it makes a good film to watch anytime.

  5.  Amazing!


    While this book is aimed for a younger audience (8-12ish) i found that it didn't matter very much at all (i'm 18). In this book Percy Jackson discovers that he's not entirely human, and as a matter of fact he is a demigod (part human, part god), and it turns out all the stories in the greek myths are true! This book is amazing and any Harry Potter fan will love it, or in fact any fan of the fantasy genre.

  6.  To be or not to be?


    Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's finest works, and most certainly a master piece in its own right. The plot is still intriguing and full of everything that makes a play excellent: love, deceit, hatred, ambition, murder and of course the philosophical questions that still plague us today- another reason to why it's so appealing. This edition of Hamlet comes with some very useful translations, always handy if anyone has a little difficulty in reading Shakespeare.

  7.  Fantastic!


    The second of Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Trilogy, and another fantastic one. This novel focuses on the rebuilding of the Wondertropolis (Wonderland), however it seems that someone is trying to cause a problem. Though an excellent edition to the Looking Glass Wars the plot is a little weaker and not as interesting as the third, however it still delivers exciting moments and funny parts.

  8.  The best WW1 novel


    Birdsong has to be one of the greatest novels ever written and certainly the best world war one novel. It's a work of art, Sebastian Faulks depiction of the war and it's themes of violence, death, comradeship, compassion and love are perfect.

  9.  A must have fantasy book


    Frank Beddor creates a fantasy novel from another, inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Beddor changes the original tale completely, but in a positive way. He creates new and exciting ideas, inspiration from the original story that I found genius. Alyss Hart's life is threatened by her evil Aunt Redd, a woman who long ago was destined for the Crown of Wonderland, and she is determined to wear that crown- that she sees as rightfully hers, but she didn't count on Alyss and her friends.

  10.  Good movie


    The Harry Potter movies have been getting better and better, and although it delivers in many ways it also gets it wrong in places. Firstly all of the little things in the movie becomes bigger, all of the important things seem to be sidelined or tagged on at the end. If you haven't read the book it can be confusing. However it is funny with some great acting (especially with Rupert Grint and Helena Bonham Carter), and when it gets to it it's really exciting. But in many ways it feels like their keeping off the action because their saving it for the finale. But it still makes a pretty good movie.