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  1.  Worth a watch


    Not a bad thriller but has been done too many times before, and unfortunately better. Anyone with an IQ over 50 will predict every scene but it's 75 minutes of mindless entertainment.

  2. F



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     Impressive thriller


    I always find it pays to ignore the bad reviews by some of the illiterate rantings of the 'not enough gore' posters on here, and this time was no exception. This is an clever British horror/thriller which taps into current fears and is well worth a watch if you like this genre.

  3.  Dull...


    ...slow and predictible, not to mention some terrible performances from the cast. In my humble opinion, anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size should give this one a miss.

  4.  Excellent


    There are not many movies which are as gripping and enjoyable as the book they were based on but this is one of them. A brilliant, intelligent thriller and a must see.

  5.  Amazing


    Brilliant and brutal. A must see for horror fans whether your preference is psycological or violent horror, you will not be disappointed, please do not be put off by a previous reviewer's comparison of the efects of Inside, and awful, awful Paranormal Activity, there is no comparison.

  6.  Stunning


    I was lent this movie, not intending to watch it but this afternoon I decided to give it a go and am so glad I did. Amazing film, brilliantly acted, moving, shocking and gripping. All I can say is that if, like me you didn't think that this would be your type of film (I thought it would be a slow, weepy, "girlie" film) you could do a lot worse than spending a fiver on this gem of a film.

  7.  Sorority Row


    A poor imitation of the original. I would advise anyone over the age of 15 steer well clear of this predictible and dull offering. No suspense or atmosphere and some terrible acting (among other things) render this remake pointless.

  8.  Poor movie


    Was original and shocking on release but is now dated and slow. There is nothing that could be described as horror in the movie (even the uncut version) and will leave horror fans very disappointed as it is more of a thriller, and a very dull one at that.

  9.  Mediocre


    This is a decent enough movie but those of you calling it hardcore - you clearly haven't seen that many genuine horror films and need to broaden your horizons a bit. There is nothing shocking or original about Mum and Dad. It will keep you entertained for 90 minutes or so but if you are a real horror fan, don't expect to see anything new here.

  10.  Genius


    This film obviously went over the bad reviewers heads a little. Dead Snow is an excellent horror comedy. Why would you take away the comic element from a COMEDY horror? Anyway, if you DO have a sense of humour can appreciate a film that doesn't take itself seriously then you can do far worse than this gem of a movie.