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    i chose not to by the game for the first few weeks but wish i had, the single player is very well put together and theirs plenty of missions and ambient tasks to keep you occupied. a tip for the single player is to use your campsite in your kit so you can fast track to places. the multiplayer mode isn't the best if your used to COD or battlefield-esque games but does have its own character and is quite easy to enjoy but can become very samey after a short while. Brilliant game with a full set of cheats that are far more san andreas then gta 4 so plenty of fun to be had after completion.



    i bought this from another retailer but the quality of the print and the design would keep even die hard fans entertained



    Cage can only pull off about 3 faces in any of his films, to be fair he does make some good films but this one is just stupid



    you will have to get xbox live if you want to experiance what the console has too offer fully, and now HD tv's are becoming affordable its even more reason to get one, i got my xbox when they first came out, so i got the red ring of death about a year ago, but otherwise its great, these newer consoles have a longer life span, unlike mine, which freeze's up quite alot, but for the money ive paid and the amount of time ive spent on it, its well worth it.

  5.  not too great


    glitchy and the shooting, which is a main part to it is completely off.

  6.  waste of time


    Its not an 18 at all, its a 12 tops, its only worth buying it for the p.c, as its got gore and stuff, the only thing that was vaguely close to fun was the i.e.d's that you could use, it doesnt tell you how to use anything you get, like the mortor, which is insanely pointless, you need a hdtv to play it due to colours merging and the targets being to small an undefined, should never been on a console, has no replay value for me, ive forced myself to try and finish it before i trade it in, the side missions dont affect your total completion percentage, so you have no reason to do them, other then the 30ish gamepoints you get for hours of work. Its like 4.5 stars on a pc

  7.  mixed feelings


    I downloaded the beta version as most of my friends did, and compared to cod4 the online play is diffrent, but i did bare in mind that it is a beta and its not ment to be tip top. The gameplay is a mix of call of duty 3 and 4, with the ranking system of 4 and the play style mostly based on 3, i.e some guns are terrible. But then i realised its ment to come out a week after the release and its out now. The only new thing as i can see thats been added is the gore, but it is quite minimal, e.g grenades and artillery blow legs or arms off, and you can see bullet damage in your kills sometimes, there are more levels to level up, like twice as many as cod4, same ranks e.g private i,ii,iii,iv an so on so forth. Bolt action rifels are useless trying to upgrade with kills, as its takes ages to reload, an when someones got a machine gun you have to kill with the first shot. In my opinion i'd still get it just because im still undecided overall an its not fair to judge from the beta, im just waiting for the next infinty ward call of duty to be truthful

  8.  true insanity


    the plot and script really throw you into the mind of a killer, an empty shell as it were, very good film and leaves you as confused as he is