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  1.  3 Star?


    Previous reviewer: The Sub should be on the floor anyway.
    Great little set up, good quality and low price.

  2.  PES is back to top form


    I'm a pes man, always have been always will be. So I hope this review wont be too bias, and I promise not to slag the pretender!
    Well where to start? The last two editions of pes have been a little dissapointing for me, if they have for you dont let that put you off pes 2011. Its back with avengence, silky graphics with out of this world player movements and details, same old commentry (but thats part of the charm for me).
    As for the game play! Wow, the new passing style is accurate and allows you a level of control second to none. You place the ball where you want it when you want it, pass it into space or too feet, the freedom is just emence.
    Pes is back as the king of football games for those people that know how the game should be played!!
    In your face Fifa! (Well once aint so bad) ;-)

  3.  well itchy


    Well I was a little dissapointed by the removal of base building as this was a highly enjoyable aspect of the first game. I feared DoW had made a grievous error. However, this is not the case, the game is tatically sound and looks great. Once you get your teeth into it its hard to put down. Customising your squads, leaders and the introduction of the Tyranids make DoW2 a very enjoyable game.

  4.  quality


    a real easy game to get into. In essence a base builder but focused upon unit strategy. Advance your troops step by step through out the battlefield taking control of key positions along the way. real good fun even if you never heard of a space marine before.

  5.  space


    the space mod is just top notch. only a shame it takes my pc speed right down to play it. loads of mods to play each one worth its place in the add-on. another great from sid meire.

  6.  the master of all


    civ 2 was the most addictive game of all time. still play it now. civ 4 took me a little longer to get into but once I did it took over just like civ 2 did. love this game to bits. would recommend it to anyone who claims to be a gamer.

  7.  Pro Evo


    The most realistic football game out there, bit of drain single player but get your mates involved, start a master league and your gurenteed to enjoy. I've played right through the series and it only gets better and better. Stuff Fifa, pro evo's the real deal.

  8.  short but totally playable


    graphically fantastic and really playable. only problem is that after 7hrs play I found myself viewing the end cut sceen. Never mind that though, it just makes you want to play it again on harder difficulties. Great online too which I suppose is what its all about.

  9.  classic


    not much to say really, players of the sim city games will know how addictive they are and theres no difference with this one. Being able to link citys and create "super" cities give a new dimension, one that just adds to the overall playability. A game you can lose yourself in for days at a time. Timeless classic.

  10.  the first in the series


    shogun. ahh. what a classic game. a totally playable risk style strategy with the added bonus of being able to fight your own battles. A game that can be played long into the night, and one no-one could bore of.
    From this game came Medieval Total War.... a game without equal.