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  1.  Me Swoop no see nothing......but AWESOMENESS!!


    I now have all three Dinobot's from TFA. Swoop is a great addition to any Transformers toy line. I have alway's loved the Dinobot's. (It's two of my favorite thing's, Transformers and dinosaur's.) Both mode's are equally awesome.

  2.  Ironhide!


    Another well-loved character of mine. Ironhide is an awesome figure, the Universe line fit's perfectly with the Cybertron line.

  3.  Guyver: Dark Hero!


    I first saw this movie when i was 8 year's old, and i loved it.
    I was really happy when i found this on play, so i bought it.
    When i received it i instantly put it in my dvd player to watch, it was everything that i remembered.
    The acting and budget are poor, but hey it's a b-movie!!
    Apart from the emensly bad acting, i found guyver: Dark hero really quite enjoyable.

  4. 1408



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    I was very surprised at this film seeming though it had read mixed review's, not just by play.com member's. I bought this film on the chance it could be a waste of money.
    It was very good(not brilliant just very good), sure it had it's bit's that were rubbish, but all in all a very good thriller, a bit like the amityville horror.



    This album is hillarious! The cover/front sleeve is beautifully animated. The song's are parody's of track's from the 90's.

  6.  If you liked Hellboy, you'll love this!!


    If you liked hellboy, you'll love this!!
    This is the first of two animated film's spanning the paranormal adventure's of big red.
    The animation is exellant, but it is anime so of course it would be.
    The animated film's are as good as the live action movie and i'm sure the sequal will be equally impressive.



    We all know the Disney classic Snow White tale and how scary that was, well prepare for some thing a lot more creepier, for example the seven lovable little dwarves are transformed into a band of murderer's and outkast's.
    Sigourney Weaver take's on the role of the wicked stepmother/witch and play's it remarkabley well.(As usual.)
    A fairytale definatley not for kid's!!!!

  8.  He'll grease you up!


    Oil Slick is much better looking than the internet portray's him. The chopper mode is bad-ass. The transformation was a little fiddly but relatively easy. His robot mode is equally as impressive as his alt mode, but because of his `bubble` helmet he kind of look's like Mr. Freeze from Batman.

  9.  The war is just beginning!


    I couldn't put this book down. I absolutely loved it! It kept me wanting more, and I love the writer's attention to detail.(Especially to the girl's!) It was the first book in age's that has been able to keep my attention and keep me reading until the end.

  10.  OH YEAH, IT'S HOUND!!


    A very fun though quite simple transformarion, and Ravage is a bonus. Hound is not a very well remembered G1 character, but the toy give's him an all new coolness, still a green jeep but much lighter and way cooler. Ravage himself has quite a funky transfornmation. In cassette mode he can stored on the back of Hound by two peg's. Although some people don't understand the pairing, I think it's an homage to the G! episode More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3.
    Oh yeah, and it's a bit loose in the hip's.