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  1.  cod 4 expansion


    It feels more like a expansion to the first game single player is very short and mulit player isnt much diffrent it iis still a good game and the single player is very good just dont expect a big change they could have done worse they could have made a game like rainbow six vegas 2 the only diffrence i saw was a sprint button but if cod 4 hooked you and you really enjoyed it then give this a try

  2.  fam guy


    its not the best series of family guy they seemed to repeat alot of old jokes and yea they are still funny but not been long enough since the last time they used it and some are very drawn out but it is still a great series that will have you laughing

  3.  All Hail Code Geass


    if you liked death note you will love this code geass is just as smart,tense and addictive as death note it is based not to far in the future japan is invaded by the holy empire of Britannia (yes it is the british empire) but is based in america as the UK was invaded by napoleon but that is not a important part of the story it is based in japan renamed area 11 after the britannian invasion we meet Lelouch a britannian student who is not happy with his identity as a britannian and wants to bring the empire in japan down it is all just a far off dream until he meets a misterious girl known as C.C. who changes his fate and his life........if you like that buy it you will not regret it 10/10 anime just as good as death note

  4.  best keeps getting better


    amazing this series will keep you thinking and will pick at your brain this is a must have for any anime fan this is the best anime ever made

  5.  just as good if not better...


    thought it was going to be a let down to the 1st movie but i was wrong this is another fantastic movie that will simply pull you in and will leave you very satisfied and the price is great a must have for fans

  6.  the anime ledgend


    this is one of the animes that brought anime to the west a fantastic movie everything is perfect from and has had many more movies and series follow on recomended to any anime fan

  7.  Armored Alchemist


    a great anime it does not drag out.The story will hook you in would recomend to any anime fan.If there is one problem it is to short and the ending feels abit rushed.

  8.  amazing


    this series will always be famous everything thing about it is great would recomend to any anime fan or any one looking to get into anime

  9.  british is better


    fantastic film shows how we brits can make fun of ourselfs and do an amazing job at it full of british humor that will have u laughing every time and has a fantastic cast a must have!!!!!!!!

  10.  veteran MSG fan


    Up until i played this game msg3 was my favourte but this game blows them all out of the water i can go as far as saying its the best game ive ever played.the whole game from start to finish is amazing and will compleatly satisfy any msg fan the way the game is made you can tell how much work has gone in to it there is 1 word to describe this game "perfection" so thank you hideo kojima for the long hours making the best ending to a game series ever buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!