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  1.  A classic all time movie? Too Right!!!!


    I was appalled with I heard a colleague at work didn't know what this film was, and had never seen it... so much so I lent them the DVD, and the next morning when I spoke to them about the film, they wouldn't shut up about it. This is the sort of reaction this film gets.

    It is a classic of 80's film making, a buddy movie, with action, comedy, of the likes films just don't have any more.

    The special effects still look good, even twenty years on, and the comedy is classic. If you don't own this in your collection, you should.

  2.  Finally a good strategy game for the PlayStation 3


    There are never enough Strategy games on consoles, and usually the ones that are available are a bit duff.
    Civilisation is a good series, I have played a couple of them on the PC and have always found them very addictive, and this PS3 offering is the same if a little different.

    The game itself plays very fast. You can complete a game in one night if you had to. The controls are easy to use and help the speed at which you can play.

    While it loses a lot of the features of the original PC series, that to be honest is something I am grateful for, no need for going though millions of menus to do things. You can run through all your cities in no time and quickly change things if need be. Controlling units is a bit clumsy (a short cut button which would allow you to select the next unit would be very useful.)

    The game isn't as huge as the PC versions, which disappointed me a little bit, I was hoping for massive maps and lots and lots of opponents to play. But it does mean the games are usually fast. And there is no option to customize the scenarios and annoyingly when you win one scenario you can't carry it on to try and get the other victories or just finish taking over the world.

    But even so, it's easy to use, fast, and when the opponents are on the higher difficulties, very challenging. This alone makes it massively addictive and great fun to play.

    Hopefully they will make a patch that will allow you to have bigger maps, more opponents and allow the game to continue even after you have completed one or all of the victories.

    A brilliant game, if not perfect, but a good show of how Stategy games should be done on a console. I guarantee this game will provide endless hours of fun and challenges and for 29.99, its worth it.

  3.  Brilliant!


    Everyone knows, this game is a good as the hype has been, I've been totally addicted since I got it!! The added extras are pretty cool too, the bag is immensely useful (use it for work, visiting the girlfriend) the CD has some OK music, if you like all that. But the BOX!! Now I have something to keep stuff away from my light fingered sister....