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  1.  Awesome


    For the price of the headset it is awesome. The sound is brilliant and the sound that is output, i have been told, is very good too. The over the ear hook bends to suit your ear and the mouthpiece also fits accordingly. I would recommend this for any gamer wanting a hookover headset

  2.  Good, but technically demanding


    This is one of the most addictive games iv ever played, great realism and the game lasts forever but i find just one issue. The graphics adjust to the spec of your machine so a lower grade machine gets lower graphics which i find slightly annoying but you get used to it and it makes no difference to the fun factor really. Other than this the game gives 3 main game modes which keep you playing for hours and challenges you until you just wanna beat everyone!

  3.  LOL


    I watch this film and everytime i find something different to laugh at!! It is one of my all time favourite films which is based around james bond but totally the opposite of what he would do. all i can say is watch this and laugh your socks off

  4.  Mirror, signal, manouver


    This is the driving bible, if your thinking of starting to drive buy it. It will help your theory and even your practical driving and even if your an instructor this book is recommended. You wont find a better book

  5.  Its a good ride


    I bought the game not really knowing what it would be like, and i have to admit its not the best put together game and the simulation is a bit tacky but the content of the game is good with all of the financial and training controlled by you if u wish. Also your selction of riders influences your results in races. In game is very good with different tactics available for each rider during the race and it is annoyingly addictive too! a good game if your looking for something to do

  6.  Not bad


    Having bought the game for basically nothing i wasnt expecting much from it but it turns out that it is a very fun game, it has different aspects of firefighting and is quite realistic too. Although i was disappointed when i found out that there is not as many missions as is quoted, it classes different difficulty as different missions but overall its a great game for 2 quid cant go wrong!

  7.  Warm Import Nights


    I was amazed at how different the game was from the original, i think that it is a totally different experience rather than a follow on and finally they have got the rights to some high grade cars. i think that the graphics are good and the gameplay itself is good with different levels of performance being offered but i think the handling of the cars is a bit unrealistic. For a car fanatic this is probably one of the most unrealistic handling games but then when u adapt to it the fun comes back and you forget about it really. Its an addictive game but at the same time very simple to get through but it seems to last for ages and ages until you complete it but its well worth buying if you like driving games, dont even relate it to the original because there is very little to link the 2 games together

  8.  Worms with bugs


    It is a fun game but it could be better. The graphics are pretty basic and can be a bit glitchy at times but the overall gameplay is good. The tutorial that is provided by the game is good as long as you know the keys. In game navigation is a bit tricky and it could have been better but with the worms theme it was always going to be a good game and made furthermore interesting on a 3D platform. it changes the game and makes it totally different from the previous worms title which may be a reason to try it out

  9.  Start your engines


    Realism to the max! This game has great graphics which suprised me somewhat and the controlling of the different vehicles is there which makes it realistic. damage is annoying though as even the slightest tap damages the car but other than this the gameplay is good and the game will last for a long time and the storyline is intreguing and makes you want to play more great game highly recommended