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  1.  Flawed Masterpiece? no, just flawed


    The next instalment of the battlefield series has arrived- and wow, is this game driving people mad! You just have to look on EA's Battlefield forum for all the complaints about this game. It had so much potential but has ultimately lead to frustration. Broken voip, controller input and general game mechanics has left this gathering dust. Don't get me wrong, i'll play it again if the issues are fixed, however that is a BIG IF, seeing dice's record of not fixing problems!
    Buyer beware, i say.

  2.  two sides to this game


    On the good side we have the multiplayer- it's a good tactical shooter with plenty of game modes to choose from, it'll take a while for this to get boring. Didn't get to see a huge amount due to psn going down, but what there is was spot on.
    On the bad side we have the single player - tedious and definitely not tactical! move from A to B killing off the doom like wave of enemies. Watch as your squad yet again gets wounded, or gets in your way if you don't command them where to go. Multiple headshots to kill enemies and repetitive missions make this a chore to complete. Socom has always been an online experience so i would stick to that, it's worth it.
    ** UPDATE: Having now played this game extensivley online, i would say stick to COD! I hate to say it but this is no tactical shooter! spawn camping and spawn sniping, no team work and the usual idiots make this a poor 3rd person shooter.

  3.  Has potential


    You've probably read all the other reviews so i'll keep this short.
    Single player not very long, but multiplayer has potential. It's just a shame that they have got so much wrong with the servers on release!
    All i can suggest is give it a while before purchasing to see if the situation gets rectified...if not then avoid.

  4.  Dimmu strike again! - A first class album


    I'm sat here listening to this album and loving every track played. (on the last one now)
    The usual melodic opening drags you in to open up on some fantastic dimmu tracks. I did have a slight doubt when the female vocals came in on "Gateways" but it works. Theres a lot of new " tweaks" to this album that i think expand on Dimmu's already incredible talent. A definite must buy in my humble opinion.

  5.  Two words- Buy it!


    Ok, i can't elaborate anymore on what has already been said in the previous reviews. The album, i think, is not as aggressive as the previous album but still has that perfect combination of songs to cater for the mellow music/ loud music set of people.
    As said, buy it! you won't be disappointed.

  6.  Deathstars strike again


    Another fantastic album- deathstars are going from strength to strength. If you fancy a change from rammstein or nin give this group a try, you wont be disappointed.

  7.  A marmite game if ever.............


    This game has really split peoples opinions- so here's mine!!
    i love it- The open world feeling to this game is very good and the enviroments come across as very detailed and authentic. The weaponry is well handled and the driving isn't a pain with all the card handling well- now this is where it has divided some! you have to drive to a lot of locations that can be on the other side of the map.tedious for a lot of people, however i didn't mind it as along the way you get to unlock new save points, take out guard posts etc and admire the scenery if you wish.
    The missions are the usual take out "a" and return to "b" but thats like a lot of games these days- it's how you go about it that counts.All in all im enjoying playing far cry 2 and find it a welcome relief from cod4 and 5 .

  8.  Fantastic, chaotic racing


    i generally stray away from racing games as my driving skills are terrible leading to frustration and ultimate boredom. having recently got a ps3 and seeing the reviews of this i though i'd give it one more chance.......i'm glad i did!! i'ts absolutely fantastic! pure unadultered fun- ok i crash a lot but when it plays and looks as good as this i don't miind. a highly recommended game to all those drivers and non drivers alike.

  9.  Battlefield just got better


    Well you've probably read all the rebiews by now and your finger is hovering over the buy now button.....dont hesitate!! get it bought.
    Dont compare it to cod4 (though i traded cod4 in for this and dont regret it) with the conquest mode now released for free this is a fantastic multiplayer game.

  10.  go see this if you can


    read up on this film and wondering whats happened to it? not seen it at the cinema.? .apparently lionsgate are not showing this to many audiences and its a quite low key release..compared to the upcoming saw 5 anyway. So if you've come to this page wondering when its out- join the club! hopefully it will be soon and we can get to see this supposed masterpiece of a clive barker story :-)
    im giving it 5 stars based on several reviews from other sites and my anticipation in getting to see this film.