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  1.  Unreal


    Playing the beta just blew any other FPS i've played out of the water. All the hype for this game is well deserved. I encounted some problems in the beta although it is called a "beta" for a reason. It's insane. CoD4, WaW will perish when this is out, i'll soon list mine to playtrade as soon as this game is out! Insane a must get.

    In reply to the person asking about the beta .. The beta testing is over.

  2.  Game to rent


    The game looks to be a total letdown, ive seen countless other reviews on this game throughout various other websites and it appears it's going to suck.

    The demo reminds me of "Minority Report" on the PS2 the fighting's almost exactly the same, though very continuos.

    Driving's pretty tepid, quite hard to control.

    This is a game for the hardcore fans not for gamers.

    Try renting this game first.

  3.  BattleField, should it only be online?


    Well from the brief quick mission on the demo i noticed that "stealth" is out the window, no matter where you are you constantly get shot even though no one saw you, personally i reckon it needs tweaking.

    Online play is well amazing! Lot's to do, even though theres only one game type on the demo it's sure to be amazing! Sniping needs tweaking, not to mention the countless glitches that could potentially ruin the whole game like SOCOM.

    Anyhow, it's a game to get, a possible long term keeper like CoD4.

    Perhaps rent this game before buying? Best of luck to everyone with this product.

  4.  The new Bruce Willis?


    Well old slap head Steve Austin i must admit did pretty well acting his part.

    The storyline is pretty lame the only entertainment is Vinnie Jones and his manic mayhem! All it is, is a battle royal to the death.

    If you enjoy a pointless and brutal action film, get this.

    Hope this helped.

  5.  I am Legend? Or perhaps not.


    Well it was a good start and well overall it was a good story.

    This film wont keep you on the edge of your seats, though you will be entertained all the same.

    The ending, i wont spoil it though it sucks, very quick and pointless ending with a twist you already know will happen.

    Ive rate this film 3 stars, purely for some pretty good acting and a good storyline.

    - Kristian.

  6.  Twists and turns


    Christ well i must say i doubt i went out atall whilst i watched prison break, with all the twists and turns and the cliffhanger endings on some of the episodes you have to watch the next.

    A great DVD collection to have you wont be dissapointed!

    Ive just purchased season 2 here, no doubt you guy's will once your done with this ^_^

  7.  They've done it again!


    Square-enix i'd love to pat you guy's on the back.

    This is the master of the FF series.

    As most of you already know this is the FIRST FF with the new battle system and yes like most of you have been told it's awesome much quicker easier and yet still just as difficult.

    The storyline to FFXII is pretty good, not as good as X though very close. The characters are all done very well with personallity's very different making your party fun.

    All in all you MUST get this FF purely for the new battle system not to mention the high level of awesome graphics and huge maps and many many mini missions, you'll be playing this game for monthes!

    Hope this helps!

  8.  Perfect


    Well im a huge final fantasy fan, X and XII have to be my favourate.

    The storyline is SUPERB with this game.
    Sadly the battle system is still the same old turn based one.

    Again, great anime movie scenes, great storyline, great characters and a good ending.

    A great buy to anyone, you'll be playing all night!

  9.  Have they lost it?


    Well i must say with the PS3's huge capability ratchet and clank has got bigger and better.

    Huge levels, massive selection of weapons and gadgets, a great laugh as always and a pretty good storyline.

    The only negative point i have is, it's too easy. I would'nt sugest to buy this. Rent it first as well i managed to complete it in a week that's only playing it when im not at work too!!

    Anyhow 4/5 isnt half bad.