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  1.  Quite Brilliant!!


    First off, I love this film. Saw it at the cinema & bought the dvd same day it was released. I've watched it more times than I care to count so this review is purely on the quality of upgrade to blu-ray. And that can only be described as superb!!

    Everything is just sharper and clearer. I already thought the picture was good by playing the 'normal' dvd on the blu ray machine but this takes it a step further. The clarity is just something else. It's the little things like the shine on the door of No.10 - you can see the reflections in it!!! I'd never noticed that before. The early scene with the large Christmas Tree lit up in the shopping centre is blinding! Seriously, you do a double-blink as it is like being in bright sunlight.

    The sound track is sharper and you do hear things - background noises in particular - that you won't have heard before. I spent a lot of the film wondering if bits had been added-in as there seemed to be so much I had previously missed. With this film being made only six years ago I didn't expect it to have much to upgrade but I was wrong. It is good.

    And finally, the main question - how does Hugh look doing that dance??? This was the ultimate test for this film in this format. All I can say is that a white shirt & black trousers never looked SO DARN GOOD!!!!!!!

    If, like me, you adore this film then you must treat yourself to the blu-ray edition. It really is worth it.

  2.  Disappointed with this much-looked forward to book


    I felt that the flow of this book didn't quite work. The concept in itself is great but maybe my mind is too analytical because all I could think of was why did Lucys' encounters with people from the past not change 'them' and their works going forward.

    I'm trying not to give away too much of the plot here but the time-travel element probably wasn't thought through quite as clearly as it should have been. Again, whilst trying not to reveal too much, there is one time-travel moment which should have direct repercussions on her on-off boyfriend and his character - which would have a direct impact on the storyline of the book - but it doesn't. It's as though she is travelling in time but with no resultant consequences afterwards. As a result of that, this reader spent more time thinking "But that's not right, or why didn't this happen... etc" which took my mind away from the book and the story as a whole.

    All in all, the book itself is light-hearted and easy to read if you take it purely at face value and don't question the lack of 'change' in history from Lucys' experiences. Having read the three books prior to this, and enjoyed them all immensely, I can only conclude that every author is allowed to have a duff novel and I think this one is Ms Wrights. I hope her next one is back to the higher quality and standard that I associate with this author.

  3.  Does What it Says on the Tin!!


    I purchased my first one of these in Feb '07 after the Goodmans one I had bought, at double the price, went kaput after 3 months. The Play branded item has lasted me 14 months. Not bad at all for £7. I've only now just ordered a new one.
    The sound quality was marginally less than the Goodmans (hence the four stars) but not enough for it to be a big issue.
    I would happily recommend this item.

  4.  The Best DS Game You Can Buy!!


    Hubby and I got a couple of DS's, and 6 games, to take away on our holiday in December. We actually spent most of the 2 weeks arguing over who's turn it was for the Touchmaster!! It is quite simply brilliant. Enough variation of games to keep you amused for several hours but, with the Top Ten ratings, also competitive enough to keep you playing in order to beat that top score.
    We have since purchased several more DS games but, 8 weeks later, we are STILL arguing over who's turn it is to play with this one!!