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  1.  Warning: Disney starting to rip off their previous successes


    Was never interested in Frozen as it seemed like any other Disney film. Watched it after everyone raved about it. Nothing's changed. Key people in the main characters' lives die in the first few minutes (Up!), they feel secluded (Up!, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio), they fall in love easy (every Disney film with a female lead), there's betrayal (every Disney film), a character who looks VERY like Flynn Rider (Tangled) falls in love, two bad guys who look distinctly like the Stabbington Brothers (also Tangled) try to kill the queen-to-be... Sorry, but there's nothing new or even vaguely unpredictable in this film!!!

    Despite this, it's not the worst film. It's got it's funny moments and after a couple dozen watches the so-called 'highly memorable soundtrack' does finally start to stay in your head, and the songs are good. It's worth a watch, but I won't be buying the DVD until it's quite a bit cheaper as it's not worth the money when it's just ripped off ideas and characters from recent Disney films.

  2.  Lovely little books


    My 6 year old is a good little reader, and I wanted to get her into a series of books. This is the first I have chosen.

    I'm not disappointed at all with the quality of these books! We both read them - I read them at her bedtime, and my little one also reads them in her own spare time. They are worded simply enough for her to be able to read, understand and enjoy, but are complex enough to carry on well from each other and intrigue her into reading them whenever she can!

    Recommend these books for children who enjoy reading, and who get caught up in magic, fairies and adventure!

  3.  Fantastic read!


    An absolutely brilliant read, by an absolutely brilliant writer!!

    I have loved Spike Milligan since I was a child, and discovered "On The Ning Nang Nong". Looking for books to reminisce, and perhaps allow my daughter to glance at, I discovered that not only was he previously a soldier, but that he wrote about being one. Immediately bought the book, and read it faster than I have probably read any book before!

    This is a brilliant book, with a lot of humour entwined (obviously). I fairly often smile at humourous books, but rarely actually laugh out loud - something this book made me do a good half-dozen times!! Very good wit explaining a very difficult time. There are of course sad moments too, particularly on the last page, but for the most part this is a very down-to-earth, bright-side-of-life book!

    Definitely looking forward to "Rommel: Gunner Who?" arriving so that I can continue this adventure into the War!

  4.  Not perfect, but IS funny


    I love reading reviews from others who state "I hate Adam Sandler, and never liked this film". Why review an Adam Sandler film if you generally hate his work?

    The film is great. It brings a lot of issues that the gay community have to the forefront of people's conscience, and adds comedy to it. As a hearing impaired person I adore "See No Evil Hear No Evil", because of the simple fact that it pokes fun at a group of people that others feel that they need to 'protect', without ever having been asked to by us. For that reason I especially loved the soap scene in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. A very well known 'joke' thrown into a comedy that everyone knew would be seen by millions.

    The film has a good amount of laugh out loud moments, and does have a scenario that I went to the very end of the film wondering how it would fix itself, which was pretty good.

    If you don't like Adam Sandler, you probably won't like this film. If you don't like Kevin James, you probably won't like this film. If you're not a fan of comedy or laughing, you probably won't like this film. If you can't laugh at social stereotypes, you probably won't like this film. If you can sit down to a COMEDY and be LIGHTHEARTED about the topic/theme and what is going to happen, you will probably enjoy this film. It's not the best film that has ever been made, ever, but it's still really good!!!

  5. Ora


    Rita Ora - CD

    20 New from  £4.46  Free delivery

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     Great album


    This album is great - not wonderful or fantastic - but a great album nonetheless. I've enjoyed the released tracks from Rita Ora so far, and so got the album to listen to. There are the odd tracks that I personally aren't too bothered about (no doubt others will have a totally different perception), but for the most part the songs continue to be catchy and erally enjoyable!

  6.  Brilliant!


    There rarely is an album that comes out, particularly one that's not a compilation, without a single track that you want to skip. This album has hit the mark completely! There's such a mix of music styles and sing styles, but it's all great!! Listen to this album right through really quite frequently!

    Recommend this album to anyone who's liked all of what Emili Sande's done so far!!

  7.  Intriguing


    The story follows an unspecified time period in Ryan Bingham (George Clooney)'s life as a guy who sacks people for a living, and gives talks about how much easier life is without anyone or any possessions in it. He obviously goes on to realise he'd rather have someone in it, as you'd expect.

    I'm not a devoted Clooney fanatic - I think this is the first Clooney film I've seen - but I still got dragged along in the tide of the film. It's well written and acted, with the occasional twist and turn, and shows attitudes in men and women, without it being as mundane as an Ashton Kutcher film (you'll need to watch this and one of Kutcher's to understand, I don't wantt o spoil the plot for people!).

    It is a relatively mushy film, despite a male being the lead figure, and nice to sit down with a glass of wine to watch! It only gets 4 stars purely because of how predictable it is from about a quarter of the way in (though still an enjoyable watch! If 4.5 stars were possible it'd get that!).

  8.  Warning: love story, not biographical movie...


    After quite enjoying 'The King's Speech' I decided I would try some more of the same, and I saw this film recommended to rent and so gave it a bash.

    I watched it last night and really enjoyed the film. It was eye-opening for someone who 24 hours ago knew very little of Queen Victoria other than that she reigned and married Albert (thanks to a certain kids' history show my daughter loves!)! To see that she had family difficulties was surprising.

    There were some parts of the plot that I was really surprised at, such as Albert surviving a gunshot wound. This, it turned out, was completely inaccurate. Although there were some assassination threats, the guns were either never loaded or never fired from what I can gather, and so that was a shame. There was also the portrayal of 'Lord M', from the Liberal party. Lord M was actually about 30 years older than what he was portrayed as here, never romantically interested in Victoria, and actually a member of the Whig party as the Labour party never existed then. You'd assume that a biographical film would focus on factual events really, wouldn't you?

    Other than that and the occasional issue (The King's glass becoming emptier while someone filled it was a bit of a glaringly obvious boo boo, and there were some other less obvious bits), it was a really great film. An eye-opener that was both heart warming and tear-jerking to watch! I'll definitely be watching it again!

  9.  Confusing


    This book is intended for people starting a Level 4 Undergraduate HLTA course despite being called Becoming a Teaching Assistant. Despite this, it teaches you the very basics of being a TA. I worked in a number of schools as a temporary helper while completing my degree and so know the basics but not very much about being an actual TA. The book is a complete waste of time if you know anything about schools or studying! Certainly no good for the HLTA applicants that it says it is aimed at!!!

  10.  A useful little book


    I got this book yesterday and read right through it in a few hours. It's a great little companion! I had expected it to be 'To Do' lists (never read one of the series before!) but it's not! There are lists on what you should (and shouldn't) be doing, help with conflict, and some great advice about what documents you should be reading, what information you need to have been given by the staff, etc.

    I have been working in schools for a few years and so know a fair amount about schools in general, but am only just going into schools to work week-in-week-out with them as a TA and this book has even managed to teach me a few things!