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  1.  love tennis


    i love this game and wii play , challenging my m8s to a game of tennis, bowling or the other games is brilliant so much fun even after i broke my light playing baseball lol



    i love mario and sonic but i must say DO NOT BUY THIS GAME ive played it im still on the training levels (the start ones) after the third level i switched it off and havent played it since as it is so crap and boring do not waste money on this game

  3.  :):)


    now i dont play this game simply as i dont like football games but my partner plays it and he loves it ive watched him play it and the skill with the wiimote n nunchuck is brilliant i dont play it as i just carnt get the hang of it but if you loved all the other PES or football this is a must try for them an all after one go you will love it

  4.  love it


    Mario brings himself back from Super Mario Sunshine with brilliance this game is a must have for wii owners and not only that it you had mario sunshine for gamecube you can play that in the wii to the graphics on galaxy are brilliant great game for all ages love it so much hope theres more from Nintendo like this

  5.  good fun


    despite it being annoying going from 2-d to 3-d and going back to find extra things this game is quite good not as good as mario galaxy now that game is great

  6.  :(


    this game is ok not a s good as it is on the DS even tho you can do the actions with the wiimote instead of the DS pen thing it is good but not as good as the Ds one lol send that twice now lol any way it gets a bit boring after so many recipes so i just gave up on it was bored

  7.  good


    this game is ok its a bit time consuming so if you want a game thats not so long to complete a level this isnt the game for you its a bit annoying when you have to go back and forth from lad to questioning and stuff which gets a bit annoying after a while but apart from that its good

  8.  its ok


    ive had this phone now for about 4 months i have the red one the case is made of something good cause i put my phone in my bag with keys and stuff and it never gets scratched nor does the screen the only problem is that when i try to view my photos by media or when im taking a picture i carnt go to c what ive took previous as it turns its self off then back on again and it hasnt got a flash but for music it it brilliant

  9.  brilliant


    brilliant plugged the ethernet cable in an was working straight away was on the wii shopping channel in minutes brilliant connection

  10.  brilliant


    i have this laptop for 6 months now it is brilliant the only thing is you need to carry the charger with you at all time as it goes flat quick