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  1.  Wheres the rest?


    I agree with the previous review - the fact that this is based on true events is always an added bonus, but what happened next? I don't want to spoil the film, but it needed another 10 minutes or so to complete the story. Potentially there could be a sequel explaining what happened next, maybe that's what the plan is? The demonic possessions are good and as with my previous comment, that fact that it is based on true events gives it an added bonus. All I would say is that if there is to be a sequel, get it out before we lose further interest.

  2.  It's alright - worth the money.


    I've never played the arcade version of this before and so had no prior knowledge of it. The game is alright and easy enough to play, the only thing I would say is that I wanted there to be more to the game than there was. The 3 missions did have various different 'routes' that you could follow, which was good, but I would have wanted more different levels or missions. Do be put off though, as at £9.99 this is well worth the money. I used both the Zapper and the Gun, both worked just as well, although Gun would be fine as there wasn't much use for the Nunchuk. As before a bargain at £9.99

  3.  Annoying storyline, but enjoyable


    As with other reviews the story is boring and can be very repetative, I've destroyed 1 meteorite, but hang on there's another and again after that, there's another! But despite that I do enjoy this game, it was good to keep doing the jobs to try and beat the previous score and increase my 'experience'. The idea behind the game is good, in doing various different jobs and trying to get better at them, but I would say the controls in some of the jobs I found hard, so aim this game at maybe the 7 - 14 market rather than younger, as they may struggle with the controls on some of them. Initailly was difficult to understand how you stopped the meteorite and using the various objects you can buy, but once I understood this the game got easier. In conclusion game itself is easy, controls can be a bit hard, story boring and repetative, but good fun & just worthwhile if bought at £10 - £15 max.

  4.  Fantastic game, very addictive.


    I have both of the Trauma Centre games now and both are just as enjoyable. As with other Trauma Centre, this game is so addictive and could quite easily play this for ages. 1st few operations are easy (ish), but after that when the nurse no longer talks you through the operations, memory does have to be good, but this just adds to the enjoyment of the game. As with Trauma Centre New Blood the storyline is a bit 'tongue in cheek', but this did not effect my overall enjoyment of the game. Can't say a bad word about this game, fantastic idea again and very enjoyable, would recommend this as one of my favourites

  5.  Excellent game, addictive & Interesting


    1st time writing a review, but had to say how much I enjoyed this game. 1st night I got it and 2 hours later was still engrossed, yes the story is a bit tongue in cheek (as per previous review), but the game more than makes up for this. Once I got used to how the nunchuk worked within the operation (after 1st operation), made gameplay easier. Definately one to buy, operations explained easily, very clever game, very enjoyable, very addictive, can't really say a bad word, this is one of the best games I have (of which I have 36). Just wish I could have saved the Nun!