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  1.  Faster than I expected


    My Xbox live account ran out today and didn't get paid for another 2 days ,so bought the month membership to tide me over and not even half an hour was up and running headshots on call of duty.
    Totally recommended!

  2.  Batman Mug


    Normal Standard size mug. Picture of Batman as you see now, on the other side Batman written in Letters within the Bat sign as seen on the Packaging. Nice Colours eye catching and out of all my mugs I like reaching for this one first. Well worth the Money.
    It Gets 4 stars as I wish it was just a tad bigger.

  3.  So far So Good


    Just bought this game today and it really is pretty good. The game controls are easy to get to grips with and the look of the game is superb, I really like Batman's costume in this game as it sticks closely to the comics but at the same time it has a realistic look to it. The fighting aspect of the game is typical Batman, taking on Multiple foes it really is a joy to watch and pull off at the same time. The other good bits in the game are the Detective mode, Stealth Mode, and Silent attack Mode, The one thing I think they could of done better is when Batman pulls him self up with his Grapplegun, Errm when you fire this thing Batman realisticly does not do what he does on this game. Everything else seems to be ok. Still have to get through it but as my title says, so far so good..

  4.  This Looks better than it Works!


    After recieveing this item I was excited that I could play all the music from my Ipod in my car. The only problem was it did not work very well at all. There is allways Background noise hissing or other stations trying to get through, you have to wave the lead up and down to try and get a good signal, the lead is too long, I also tried this on every station and they not only didnt match up, but the faint sound i did get I had to turn my car stereo yo to level 12 to hear it faintly. Not happy with this one sorry Refund Please......



    This has to be one of the best bargains there is. Top quality glass, top quality tubing, top quality assembly. If you need a tv stand do not pay over £50 for it instead by this you wont be dissapointed.

  6.  Saints Row sets the standard!


    Despite the mixed reviews this game has, I found it to be really enjoyable. The Colours, the Music the Cars, the Missions the game has so much Depth to it. How can anyone get bored when playing this, you also have side missions which you can play as you please i.e Racing, Demolition Derby, Chop Shop,all these activities earn you extra cash. Not to mention you can customize everything even down to your socks. I fully recomend this game to anyone who is a fan of the GTA and the first Saints Row.

  7.  For Die Hard Mortal Kombatants and DC fans only


    Two bad points to start off with. Playing this game in one player mode will get boring after time. Story mode is not that brilliant. The game only comes to life online when you are playing against other Kombatants. Characters are well rendered, all the superpowers are there for the DC heroes which is pleasing when pulled off in combination attacks, as are all the origanal moves and powers for the Mortal Kombat characters. Wouldn't say this is a must to have in your collection unless your a die hard fan of the MK series, but good fun online and in versus mode.

  8.  Now theres a Batman!


    Overall really watchable film, very good use of locations in the film unlike the previous batman's, (excluding Batman Begins). All the actors were spot on with the characters, Gary Oldmans character really came to life in this film and relationship between him and Batman is just like in the comics. There are a few flaws 1) The Batsuit doesnt look as imposing as in the first. 2) Batman has the power to potentaily kill someone with his bare hands but couldnt handle the joker in some of the films fight scenes. Apart from that very watchable.

  9.  Gaming for 3rd person shooters at its best


    Hard to see how the developers were going to improve on the first one, but they have and then some. Really cool weapons, cool gameplay (human shield nice touch) and cool music. This game is probably the best third person shooter i have played.