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  1.  meh


    ok as far as an action film goes. if you're a terminator buff then it's a bit rubbish.

    again, as with three, it doesn't have the authentic terminator feel to it. possibly because we're no longer in the 80's but mainly because nothing will ever surpass 1 or 2.

  2.  brilliant


    THE BEST cinema release of this year. whether you're a trek fan or otherwise this film is a non-stop spectacular well worth owning.

    if you've got any reasonable kind of home cinema set-up, (which you more than likely do, since you're buying blu) the audio alone will blow you away.

    if you like action films, even only a tiny bit; this is your most essential purchase of this year. :)

  3.  The best superhero film just got better.


    Whether you've seen in before or not, this film is a worthy blu-ray purchase.

    when it comes down to it, this film has stunning visual effects, a brilliant musical score, great action and unparalleled plot.

    all of these are twice as good in high def. personally, the musical score makes this film, so running it through hdmi or optical, you will be blown away.

    an essential blu-ray purchase alongside the dark knight and also the gotham knight mini series.

  4.  Best Guitar Hero Yet...


    Whether you like Metallica or not!

    I bought this game this afternoon so this is not a review of the demo.

    To start with, the graphics on this game are superb, the best graphics on a GH game so far by a country mile.

    Character likenesses are spot on, customisation is great, logo design etc is all in there.

    The games structure is really well done, it splits the sets between for example, 5 metallica tracks, (of which you only need a certain amount of stars to continue) then gives you 5 or 6 other bands tracks to play with. so it splits the game up a bit.

    this game also makes use of a second kick pedal for the drum kit. you do have to buy this seperately but it enables the "expert+" mode for any stupidly good drummers out there.

    4 player band play is great fun, as are the various online modes.

    like the aerosmith release, a little while ago now, the disc comes loaded with extra content such as band interviews etc, and these great things called "Metallifacts".

    basically it's like watching Top of The Pops 2 where you see and listen to the band play (not actual video footage, in game graphics) and are fed information and facts about the particular song and the members around the time of the songs release.

    so even someone who has never heard of metallica could win any metallica-based quiz event after an hour or two on this game.

    whether you worship mr hetfield, ulrich, trujillo and mr hammett like the gods they are and you know master of puppets backwards, or if you like any kind of peripheral based music video game, this is for you.

  5.  Great piece of kit if you're low on space...


    A great idea for anyone with a box room (like myself) who wants the best from their tv/console etc. I don't have room for a seperate sub and speakers so this is ideal. It sits neatly in front of my tv on my cabinate. (Also comes with wall-mounting brackets)

    The first one i had was faulty and had to be returned but don't let that put you off. I wasn't. Once my replacement arrived it was set up and working in no more than five minutes. Very very simple to use.

    So far watched Batman: The Dark Knight (blu-ray) and Judge Dread (dvd) using the TX101 and well, the sound quality on both was brilliant. The way that the score fills the room in Batman and the bass effects are awesome. The bass is very overpowering for a system as small as it is but great none-the-less.

    With Judge Dread for example in some of the bike scenes you get a really good sense of which direction the vehicle is coming from and again the rattling of gunfire and pounding of explosions fill the room.

    Every single speaker has it's own volume setting so you can fine-tune your experience to your hearts content. Which is great!

    Personally i just turn mine up loud and play Rock Band! :)

    There's also an fm radio built in with programme storage.

    The remote allows you to quickly switch from different inputs at the press of a button.

    You can also switch the system between 5.1 and 2.1

    If you're low on space or don't want the hassle of wires around your room, and you want a powerful system then definately give this a go.

  6.  Truly Stunning


    The best Blu-Ray film i have bought by far.

    My tv isnt full 1080p so most of my blurays are slightly grainy but this film is so clean and bright. The picture and sound quality are amazing. The bass effects thundered through my tv speakers.

    A brilliant film experience. Buy it.

  7.  Something Different


    I've never played any of the Civ series before but this is awesome. It's something different to the usual blood and guts gorefests on the 360. Not as good as the Triple A's like Halo, Gears, Cod4 ect. But easily one of the best alternative games.

  8.  Absolutely..


    Stunning. Played this on our PS3 at work today through a 42" bravia with dolby 5:1 and would highly recommend

    incredible footage paired with stunning picture quality.
    Watch the jumping ducks, they are awesome.