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  1.  just plain awsome


    Rite here we go i was 1 of those idiots who took no notice of these books cos i thought they were pointless, i was like whats so good about it but o my days this stuff is amazing i physically cant stop reading it it is so amazingly good and leaves you wanting to read more its a shame theres only 12 books but still buy it.

  2.  its alright


    I think peeps have just got a little board with soulcaliber now espesh wen this new 1 hasn't really got anything majorly new the story mode is way to short but the character creation is pretty cool but other wise rent before buying

  3.  great film


    This film is brill, it isn't adam sandler at his best but all gud actors have a couple of films that arnt as good as their best. But this film is very funny, in fact i thinck its the funnyest of the year great story line to just so original, great .

  4.  good and bad


    The majoraty of tracks are good like the showdown and the other side but it is a little to vocally, it seems like they are just trying to hoard in more new fans which isn't bad but they should be thinking about the old fans like myself and many others, i would say the first album was better but thats just my opion.

  5.  not bad at all


    i first watched this film with my mate and i thourt that it was just gonna be a bad side project for Mr. Pegg, but o my days i was wrong it is very funny in its own clever way and i have not seen another film like it and i cant believe that it isnt that well known.

  6.  good good


    brigade have already brought out an album and it was pretty good and this album excedes the last one. pilot was the first video realsed from this album and its good but its not there best. all in all its a good album which fans of punk and rock bands should buy.

  7.  not up to scratch


    the first AVP was epic and was a good idea and this film could of been even better with alien predator but it just didn't happen and the ending, well i'll leavethat for you to see.
    i'll give you a clue its really really bad!!!:-(

  8.  something spesh


    this is the stat of something magical... the rising carer of the artic monkeys defo worth the buy nomatter wot music you listen to would of been six but you know

  9.  disapointment


    not as good as i hoped and not even in the same dimension as their old stuff
    would of been 2 stars but i'm a divoted nickelback fan

  10. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

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    not bad but abit samey but thats predictable of a game like this
    sorry (great film though)