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  1.  Hmmm maybe they were bored?


    Ive been listening to Linking park ever since i were young, ive seen them go from hardcore screaming and rapping to a serous tight band seen in Minutes to midnight.

    This is why I am quite confused to thier approach to this monstrosity of an album, people can defend it saying "your not a true linkin park fan if you dont like this album" but then that doesnt really make any sense because I am a keen fan of thier music before this album which everyone had grown up to.

    The first time i heard the catalyst i thought it was a dogdy copy or a joke song someone had produced and submitted on the internet, I eventually got around to listening to the album i heard it again. This song astounded me because it didnt go anywhere or do anything it was just a sound, dull, uninteresting and way too plain for linkin park. Then i moved onto songs such as blackout where instead of chester singing to a decent backing track he screams and yells which really just sounds aweful.

    A song i actually did enjoy on this album was Iridescent which had a great guitar and beat with it plus a fantastic vocal harmony, After listening to a great song such as that you would think it could get better , then fallout appears and everything goes to hell giving you a tastless waste of 1.20 minutes of album time which it looks like they just wanted to fill with garbage.

    Other songs such as fallout start of well but not amazing and end in chester screaming terribly and causing irritation to the ears.
    Overall the shouting and rapping really was let down in this album and i really hope they improve on this album because they can be a fantastic band at times, but with the only very decent song of Iredescent i cant give this album a positive review, sorry to Linkin park fans who want to believe its good but man this is very poor to thier standard, they tried to be different but went way too far, forgetting about thier past and losing alot of thier fanbase.

  2.  Diffrerent


    I managed to get this album quite early, i had heard songs such as radioactive and pyro as singles and i really enjoyed them. These songs gave me a bit more hope for this album because i was such a huge fan of because of the times and only by the night.

    As i progressed into the album it began to feel weaker, not bad, but definately weaker than previous albums. I did enjoy a change and at times it almost sounded like folk or country music in the style they played and how he sang.

    Alot of the backing and lead guitar is lovely to listen to, providing catchy and heart warming sounds, again vocally he is soo powerful you can feel the emotion throughout each song which i think gives this band an edge as they can also repeat a fantastic set live, many other bands fail to do this and therfore makes them unique.

    As i am basing this review off my hopes that they would be better than before i would have to give it a 3/5 because even though 3-4 of the 13 songs i extremely enjoyed i have heard much better. Never the less i would expect a KOL fan to pick this album up and other listeners because it is a decent album that has just decided for a slight change which im not the most keen on but others may be.

  3.  Amazing


    Oh come on you cant compare a great show like this to a dull dragged on show like lost, that isnt fair and they have a completely different story, the acting is brilliant and the story plans out well, i cant believe the seaosn 2 finally it should have continued, buy this you wont be dissapointed people :)