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  1.  Playstation Move have a winner!


    This is by far the best playstation move game I have ever played. I played the demo when I first got the move and then loved it so much I went and bought it. This is fantastic! The levels are brilliant and you get literally hours of enjoyment out of it.

    As a party game, you can pass the remote around and just keep playing and see who's getting good scores or you can have two remotes and play against each other for top score. I've played this with a few people and it really gets everyone up and shouting at the screen.

    On your own, the game keeps you on your toes and you have to expect the unexpected as me and my friend came to discover on 'Robotomous Crime.' This game is well worth the money and will keep you playing for months. Every time you have a few people round, break out this game and you'll all have a great time.

  2.  Good Game


    I wouldn't call myself a massive COD fan, I played a few times at my friends house and got killed most of the time but I bought World at War and got a bit better. Black Ops is an improvement to previous COD games: Graphics are better (Not massively but still better) and sound quality is SO much better. The Campaign is a bit too American for my taste, I have to say it's a pretty good story line and an impressive leap for COD in my opinion but it is very much 'We're America, lets go and kill some Communists'. But gameplay is fantastic, you get to utilise a massive expanse of weapons and vehicles and it's fast paced and packed. A downside with the campaign is that it is very short, like I said, I'm not a big COD fan and I managed to complete it in a few weeks without playing it every day.

    Multiplayer is really good, doesn't freeze and lag as much as other COD games have and for those of us that are new to the difficulties associated with COD there's Combat Training, something my dad could do with. Combat Training's a good way to get used to the multiplayer system and maps. Customisation has reached the ridiculous point of how much you can do to individual gun and reflecting on your stats has also reached that ridiculous stage: Everything has a recorded stat and I'm not joking.

    So campaign good, multiplayer really good.

  3.  Fun and Frustration


    I read through previous reviews about the game being the Prince of Persia in Neon and they're completely true, but I loved the Prince of Persia games and when I first started playing this game I really enjoed it too. But there are those moments that make you switch off the console in annoyance. For example the first time you take on a tank - I nearly threw my controller at the TV - but once you go past the annoyances it's actually a brilliant game in my opinion. The storyline is a decent link between the two movies and it's actually quite enjoyable to watch the cutscenes just to find out what's happening. Controls can be a little annoying leaving you shouting at your character. I have Playstation Move but have no idea how to use it in this game. Online play is pretty impressive and it's fun to just hop onto a light cycle whenever you want. Soundtrack is the same soundtrack used in the new movie and it's fantastic! It adds to the fantastic use the developers put the enviroment to, even though it's a limited colour range, it still looks beautiful.

  4.  Good but...


    I do love this player, it's really good. The sound quality is superb and the setup of the player is easy to use. It's great to be able to listen to music and show your latest holiday photos to your friends! It has a fantastic battery life and charges very quickly which is great if you're on the move. The Creative Central software that comes with it is fabby! It's so simple now to upload new music from a CD to the player and to Creative Central at the same time.

    However, my first player was a bit glitchy and froze on several occasions, especially with I went to the FM Radio. It continued doing this until one day it packed in all together, luckily it was under warrenty so I returned it and recieved a brand new player.