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  1.  More mainstream? Yes. Still superb? Most definitely!!!!


    I would agree with previous reviewers - being a massive BSC fan and having seen them live twice (with a 3rd coming soon in Dec) they are a quality act. Very engaging with the audience, skillful and talented musicians, great showmen and thoroughly nice guys. The first two albums were definitely more for the hardcore faithful and they are clearly trying to branch out and expand their fanbase with this 3rd offering which is more mainstream and more anthemic (In My Blood, Can't You See), more sing-a-long and more rock ballady. This is not a bad thing in my view and at least now all your non-hard rock mates can see what all the fuss is about.

    Great tunes for long car journeys with the stereo cranked singing your lungs out - my 3 kids love them too. Good, honest riff-based rock tunes with a Southern flavour - a fusion of AC/DC, Black Crowes, Zeppelin, etc. - just superb and with a modern twist.

    Get it - you will not be dissapointed and if you get to see them live, even better - they are a class act. Having seen the lead singer take over from the drummer on the kit half way through a song who then came to the front to perform a solo on a mouth organ followed by a 10 minute drum solo during which he lost his sticks and finished it with his bare hands, they are a spectacle!!!!

  2.  Brutal but good storyline


    Watched this last night and thought it was about one of the roughest films I'd ever seen in terms of gore and the realism of the FX - and I include Martyrs and Switchblade Romance in that assessment.

    Loved the storyline although it gets pretty obvious about half way through who this woman is and what interest she has in Sarah.

    The mood of the film is very dark, brooding and intense and at the end I thought of it more as a "horrific thriller" rather than an out and out horror flick.

    Fair play to the ladies for taking the parts on - not exactly a career enhancing move if you're looking to take up glamour work!! Very gritty and real - the making of documentary is really interesting too and 50 odd minutes long - the work of the makeup and special effects teams is superb.

    All in all a great story, well shot with terrific acting, thought provoking but with a level of realistic gore and flinchy moments that are unsurpassed in anything I've seen so far. Highly recommended if a little sick in parts - especially the end.

  3.  Pack a punch for their size


    Bought these to take away to Barcelona as travel speakers but they didn't arrive in time (my fault) - played them as soon as I got back - great sound for the size. They do distort a little at high volume (but what do you expect for a tenner) but they are suprisingly loud and a decent bass sound too - would definitely recommend and may get a second set. They connect through the standard headphone jack and so can connect to any MP3 player - they don't charge while it's connected (but they're a tenner!!).