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  1.  Wheres the Clockwork Owl?


    Amazing film one of the best films so far this year, great action, great effects, and that Sam Worthington is every where at the moment. Some people don't like this movie because they think it isn't nowhere near as good as the original but i watched the original after this one and still thought they were just as good but the original is alot different and Wheres the Clockwork owl in the new one, i loved that guy ! but its still a fantastic film and i definately will be adding it to my dvd collection.

  2.  One of the best Nows ever


    This cd is brilliant. It was brought out fairly recently after these songs were around. Some of my favourite songs are : Young Forever by Jay-Z, Pass Out by Tinie Tempah, and Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine. A good range in genre also, well done!

  3.  This Seasons is Amazing, I'm Super Cerial!


    One of the best south park seasons ever, this show definately gets better with age. Its sad to say goodbye to Chef but this boxset has my all time favourite episode 'Make Love, Not Warcraft' but there are more brilliant episodes like 'ManBearPig', 'Tsst' and the two parter Go God Go. A lush case as always, and I will continue to buy every south park season that is released as long as they keep making them.

  4.  Get a Roof : Watch he film then you'll get it


    Iron Man 2 was fantastic, its good to see him again and with a super cool Russian villian and a super hot scarlet johanson. The action is incredibly and its a bit funny at points aswell. Downey Jr. is one of my favouriteactors and has excelled in this movie once again. This film isn't as good as the first one but its definately one to get at Christmas ( or Birthday )

  5.  " Shaven Haven"


    After watching Borat i thought theres no way this could beat it but in some ways it is and other ways it isn't. i thought it was in the same style as Borat and when it wasn't i was a litt;le dissapointed but i turned out be amazing. Ali G is hilliarous and one one hell of a character. I'd recommend all of Cohen's films.

  6.  I am not sure, I'm HIV positive


    This is by far the best season to date, south park is just amazing. Some of my favourite episodes on here are: Pandemic, Pandemic 2: the startling, Major Boobage, Tonsil Trouble and About last night... but there all good though. If you are planning on getting a south park season then get this one because south park just gets better and better which is why i am going to keep on buying the latest seasons that are released.

  7.  Back to the Real American Pie


    Its not as good as the orginal 3 but it comes close, and it beats the previous 3, American Pie is restored. With new characters (but of course a stifler) its just got better. I have admit some bits are repetetive but its got a great storyline, hilliarious, and some of the hottest babes you will ever see. I hope they make more sequels to this one.

  8.  "Turns out you dont need one"


    Amazing film, So so funny. Seriously one of my favourite Kids Animations. B.O.B is the best just for his one liners and insectosaurus, lol. I haven't seen B.O.Bs big break but im sure its just as good. Good job DreamWorks.



    Zombieland is one of the best zombie films of all time, its just funny, actioned packed and Emma Stone(the OLDER sister) is really fit! What else can i say really other than what other peple have said. The bits at Bill Murray's house and the bit at the end with Tallahassee in that little shooting stand killing all the zombies that that came his way, impossible but great! According to my research theres going to be a sequel lets hope its as good or better than this!

  10. Gamer



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     A virtual shooter game, that would be cool!


    Great movie! Can be quite confusing at points but the amazing non-stop action and Gerard Butler who is brilliant as always make up for it. Would recommend this movie if you like Action, Gerard Butler and you are a Gamer!