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  1.  Works well.


    Any fan of the Zombie genre is gonna sit through a lot of poor movies and encounter plenty of bad acting... This however, is totally adequate. Story, special effects and acting all carried out competently. This film sets itself up in an obvious and ludicrous way, but true Zombie fans should expect this. Plenty of laughs and a good amount of, occasionally comical, slaughtering. As already mentioned by another reviewer, a few familiar faces. All round, top notch Zombie flick.

  2.  Zombie bashing at it's very best!


    This game is huge! I loved every minute of the 40+ hours it took me to finish the multitude of main and side quests.
    Taking elements from Fallout, FarCry2, Codemned and, dare I say it, some of the better ideas from Alone in the Dark, all mixed up with a giant dose of George Romero, Techland deliver the definitive tool to quench your zombie slaying thirst. Lots of variety, an enormous landscape and the ability to modify and upgrade some of the most brutal instruments of undead mangling available, all contribute to a game that's gonna have you coming back for more, not for the great story, but just because it's so much fun!!

  3.  worth a watch


    Using elements from films like Hostel, this delivers a low budget British horror flick worth a watch. There's a couple of gory scenes with some relatively convincing acting. Prob wouldn't want to spend more than a fiver on this. Enjoyed the ending.

  4. Teeth



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     Don't understand all the low ratings!


    I'll probably upset a few people by saying...i thought this film was pretty good! The acting was good enough...not great but quite convincing at the right times. Ridiculous story line which should give you a clue that this film is just a bit of fun and i personally actually found it pretty amusing. I'm quite a fan of tacky/silly horrors though. If you are too, I'd recommend this to you.

  5.  Still a favourite of mine!


    I like the Prodigy's early albums, Invaders Must Die I like alot too....but there's always the odd track I feel like skipping. This album though, is unbeliveable!!! I've been listening to Fat of The Land for about 12 years and still listen to it on a regular basis. Phat tracks that never get boring make this an essential purchase to anyone who's into Prodigy. Also, go and see them live, it'll be the best gig you ever go to!!!

  6.  Good ideas.....


    I was looking forward to this title but unfortunately I feel a little let down by it. I didn't play it online so can't comment on the quality of that side of things but I'm afraid to say COJ2 didn't quite make the grade in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic ideas in there, I just think they could have been executed in a better way. The showdown section was among my favourites in there and it was fun hiding in the crops, sneaking around a field picking your enemies off.....but at times it feels like you don't have enough freedom when you're told to 'do this' or 'go there' making the gameplay feel on rails and a little too linear. Although every game deserves to be rated on their own merit, and this is a completely different game in style and content, I didn't feel this was a solid enough game to compare to the likes of COD4. If you want a good cowboy game I suggest buying this when the price goes down or waiting for Red Dead Redemption. The original Red Dead was ace. Verdict: quite a good game but flawed.

  7.  A good read....


    A gripping book. I read the last half in one sitting, as I did with 'Cry Myself to Sleep'. The events detailed within this book are sickening and it's immpossible to understand why anyone would treat any human, especially a child, in such a way. I would have given 5 stars but i found the talk of Guardian Angels and Spirits a bit off putting. Perserverance through these small although at one point frequent sections rewards with a great but very disturbing story.

  8.  Miss it and miss out.


    Couldn't decide for ages whether or not to buy this cos I was put off by people saying it's bad. The controls are far from perfect but after playing it for a while you get used to them. Driving sections are pretty difficult but when you get it right it's very satisfying. So many good ideas in this game it would be a shame to pass it by. Combining the items like molotov cocktails with double sided sticky tape to stick them on enemies is awesome! Not for everyone but I love it. Plus you can skip scenes if you get stuck!