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  1.  Amazing Fun


    You may not get the hang of dance mats, and your rythmn may be bad but this game is so much fun. With up to four people playing, this is an essential party piece. The soundtrack appeals to most people and there is a lot of old favourites. I suggest buying this game for a lot of fun.

  2.  Jaw Dropping


    This game is amazing. another great addition to the adult games on the wii. So many times my jaw dropped when I did a finishing move I hadn't seen yet. The storyline is great, and the plot twists certainly make it worth watching the cutscenes but if you're just in it for the violence the cut scenes can be easily skipped. I loved the game but my only problem is that it is far too short, I completed it in just 4 hours. The blood, the gore, the finishing move and all the ways you can use your environment just make this game incredible.

  3.  A Must Buy


    This is a great game and a perfect wii match. Not recommended for the easily offended with the amount of swearing and odd content. Fun to watch enemies body parts explode in a cloud of blood. Although there is a choice of weapons, the revolver you have from the start is all you really need to get through the game. The old movie style makes the game interesting. It's only downfall to me is that it's too short. This is a game that's good to play by pro-gamers or people that just play for fun. People who like this game would most likely like resident evil: umbrella chronicals aswell, which is of the same arcade shooter style.

  4.  Best deal ever


    This is an incredible deal, it is such good value for money especialy comparing the prices of each game sold seperately.
    You also get more than what it says on the packet, if you buy this you can download half-life 2: lost coast and peggle extreme for free.

    The gameplays, stories and puzzles are all great so this is not something you should lose out on.

    Be warned though, you better have something else to do while it installs if you have an older computer as it may take over 2 hours to install everything but it will still play at a decent level.

  5.  Simply Great


    This game is great to look at, fun to play, and has a really good story. It's even fun just to watch other people play it and I usually get very bored watching someone else play a game.

    A friend of mine thought it was the coolest thing to see mario change between 2-D and 3-D.

    With plenty of levels, multiple characters to play as and loads of abilities to help you progress through the levels, this is definetly one to buy.

  6.  point and shoot king


    The best thing about this game is that you don't have to play or even like resident evil games to like this.

    The whole story is told very well and with lots of side missions there is plenty to do.

    The game itself is not too difficult and is easy to get the hang of. the large variety of weapons lets you have a bit of freedom in your shooting style. With plenty of collectables and star ratings used to upgrade weapons theres plenty of reasons to replay levels.

    I loved this game from start to finish I think most of you will too.

  7.  It's worth every penny and more


    simply concider how much you get for your money and you'l. realise how much of a good deal this is:
    great single player story that lets you try out all the characters and abilities with beautiful cut scenes, and free online multiplayer that never gets boring, with custom games if you want a break from rts fighting and you can design your own games with the included map maker to share online.
    This really is a great game.

  8.  Awesome


    This game is amazing but I'm only giving it a 4 star rating because the game becomes simply impossible for a lot of people 4 songs away from the end of hard mode. It has fantastic soundtrack but more songs are available on the other consoles and in the wii version you do not get to play as the god of rock and the sound is in mono only but it is still a very fun game.

  9.  Simply Amazing


    If you're buying F.E.A.R get as much as you can. It is an amazing game that may not be the prettiest on an older machine it still runs great and the A.I reaches incredible standards with the bots reacting differently every time you replay an area so it never gets boring. With a great one player story that keeps your eyes glued to the screen and your bumm on the edge of your chair don't miss out on this.

  10.  Awesome


    This game is completely out of the norm with great graphics, but they may not be for everyone. The controls can be a bit tricky but once you've got the hang of it it can be great fun. The story is good with an amazing ending to give you a little shock. The bosses are just right in terms of difficulty but on the harder of the two modes the game can be incredibly difficult. With so many characters to choose from, every player is bound to find one to suit their playing needs. This really is an awesome game. I warn you though the swearing and blood may be too much for the innocent.