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  1.  Perfecto =)


    So I'm still reading the book in class, but so far the story has been interesting and worth the read if you're into literature. The book itself came super quick, it's the perfect size, opens nicely [not like those stiff binder ones] and the outside of the book even has a sparkley sheen to it. Love it! =)

  2.  Great, especially for the price!


    I have pink ones instead of these raspberry red. I bought mine about a year ago and not once have they been a problem!

    The sound quality is excellent compared to the so-so philips ones that came with my mp3. The sound is well distributed into the ear, and it's never sounded dull or in the distance.

    The colours are all great, instead of some boring black or white ones. They also fit into the ear very well ( I used to have problems with cheap ones because they wouldn't fit right and would just keep falling out ).

    Definately a great buy for me.

  3.  Just as great as the first!


    So father of the bride 1 was amazing. This film had to live up to high expectations, and it didn't disappoint. Once george banks has finally learned to let his daughter go, she becomes pregnant. Of course he then feels old and wants to trade his perfect life for a motorcycle and a condo on the beach..but then something even more unexpected happens which makes him need to be much younger again..it's a very entertaining film, well worth the money!

  4.  VERY enjoyable, brilliant!


    Steve Martin is a genius. He is an amazing comedian, and perfect for this film. The film itself is great; his only daughter getting married suddenly when she seems only a child. He panicks, freaks out, and has to learn to let go. Then there's Diane Keaton who is very approving and has to deal with her husband's amusingly stubborn ways. It's a very enjoyable comedy for the family that you can watch time and time over..

  5.  Disappointed..


    I really enjoyed sister act 1. It was funny and serious and was well worth a watch, so i had high expectations for this one. But sister act 2 was very, very, very corny. It was as if it were made for a much much younger audience. They have a good story-line, but somehow mess it up and ruin it's potential. It's as if all the time they're trying to make the audience laugh, instaed of it coming naturally. It's still worth seeing once, but i'd recommend borrowing off a friend..

  6.  Great.


    This film is really well done. This unsuccesful Las Vegas singer who smokes and everything gets into trouble with her mobster boyfriend, so goes into police protection, which ends up meaning living in a convent with nuns. At first she's distant and hates it, but later learns to like everyone and makes some friends. She also turns the dull, lifeless choir into a hip one which makes the church more popular with young people. It's serious when it needs to be, and humerous when it should be. Even though I'm young I really enjoyed this 'oldish' film. It's really an enjoyable movie for a friday night with a big bowl of popcorn.

  7.  Good!


    I really don't get how people can feel ill watching this. I already heard about the motion sickness that some people got, but i went to the cinema to watch it anyways, and it wasn't bad at all! It was very interesting to watch, you really feel for the characters on their journey. The only bad thing is the ending. It was a really, really bad one that left me feeling annoyed. But i just made up my own one and was happier about it! It's also amazingly realistic, like you only get glimpses of the monster and you're not informed about it like in a usual movie. You're travelling through the adventure as confused and scared as any person would be. I think it's well worth the money and it's great for a little thrill.

  8. Vanish



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     Well worth a read!!


    This book was so good; the storyline was different and captivating, written brilliantly, absolutely un-put-down-able!! I really felt for the characters, and a couple of times my heart starting beating faster, really! I stayed up to crazy hours in the morning just to keep reading. An amazing read, highly recommend it!

  9.  Great.


    Having paid just under this amount from play, I was already optimistic. And I was not let down. The quality is excellent (regardless of the 6.1 megapixels), the design is great, it's relatively simple to use and has a good sized screen. You will certainly grow attatched to it!